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  • Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

    Thats good.. its getting a bit hot so i wonder if they will go this season.. And nice pajamas in the pastel het pied add man lol
    ooooh you better let me know if he makes ya a BEL :D that would be sweet! Still waiting on my girls to pop... One girl is on day 37 after shed... I think she plans to make me wait even longer!
    Your welcome :) I figure all the clown lovers should stay together LOL XP everything is great here but the anticipation for a female clown is driving me NUTS!!!!! LOL I want it now!
    Let me know how things are going in your world and when you may have female het clowns available :D
    Hey Brian can u pm me some of the males u had for a stud for my spider.. I am talkin to Orlando right now to see if he can take her..
    Don't need a Lesser male unfortunately :( My Lesser female is gravid from my Huffman, I plan to keep back a Lesser Huffman male... Hopefully she gives me one lol!
    Make me an offer :) We can figure something out lol! Love the clown stuff, don't have any (yet!)
    Have no idea honestly what she's worth, haha I never see big YB girls around. Hatching anything cool this year??
    You have anything for sale? I'm tryin' to get my hands on a male BEL or female pied.... lol.
    She hasn't gotten back on feed yet, she's a big beautiful lady, 1714 grams doesn't even look like she laid lol. Her clutch was over 800g!
    Waiting on them to shed :) They are all blue so shouldn't be long! Here's a pic of the male YB I'm keeping :)
    My thoughts too... jeeez! I'm going to PM you a few more pics of the two babies... I hope I can accurately identify these guys!
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