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  • I got my shipment in today and I am very very happy with the new snake. Thanks a million Brain, I really appreciate it. - Ean
    Just received a shipment from Brian and I'm happy with the snake. He also shipped another animal at the same time from another breeder from his area. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a quality animal! Thanks Brian! I look forward to many years of repeat business!!!!!!!!!
    well...the crappy thing is...we aren't 'guys' anymore-- break up is in process. Sarge is leaving in about a week to more back to Cali. Its all amicable and stuff though. Other than that.....all is good! Kinda sorta! lol Yeah and yes...freezing! Ugh!
    Brian I got the girls.....they are PERFECT and GORGEOUS as usual.....dude if you ever get out of bps, I'm getting out :p Thanks so much for making such high quality stuff!
    Oh wow! Great odds! Getting settled and moving again into a new house (old house new to us!) but getting ready to start the long 'purchase' road with it. Pretty exciting! Very few clutches this year-- working on a few clown morphs myself but it will be a long process-- finally got my visual Lavender Albino-- he's gorgeous!
    All is good, just getting back to breeding snakes after a long hiatus, what have you hatched out this year?
    Hey brian! how are you? tried to cal you the other day, was your number changed? anyways hope all is well.

    Hi Brian. Thanks for the Dumeril. She is healthy and happy, and she ate her first mouse for me today. How do I leave positive feedback?
    Best prices in the counties. It was a little drive but for the prices and what was paid for you can't beat this guy. As long as I continue to keep snakes, you're my hook up for mice and rats. May business continue to prosper for you buddy, you have mine.
    awesome good luck! I hope my mojo ends up being a breeding machine. I'm kicking myself for sellin' that boy ;)
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