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  • Brian I gotta think about it....I kinda want a guarantee on hets when they're males, but that's a good deal :)I'll let you know yay or nay by the end of the month. thanks
    hey Brian, this is Summer, bought the female clown from you a few months back.....if you have any double het clown/pied males or really anything possible double het for those genes let me know! thanks
    Thanks :) My black pastel het pied is finally trying to get it on with my black pastel female so hopefully that takes! He is also being paired with a blackback lesser and a weirdo reduced pattern poss het pied... Think I should try for a mixed clutch on the lesser and throw the blackback mojave in with her, or stick with just the black pastel het pied??
    Alright, although most of my females haven't been bred yet. Didn't get a male for them till last week and wanted to wait a bit before introducing, and he's not proven. So who knows. I hope I get some good stuff.
    they could be getting later for you bro. but if there that late, try going to the Tuscon show? its lik the 24-25th of sept. should be perfect.
    I'm really not sure what i can do, if you think you can raise ball pythons and not have one fast for months at a time, then you should'nt mess with this breed of python. they are notorious for fasting. I bought a lab 10 years ago from a breeder and she has heart disease now, but im not going to ask for a refund now.
    Brian, i sold you a healthy 1000+ gram female 6 months ago, and told you that she has gone off feed for two weeks before you purchased her. i also told you what she had been feeding on. It is now six months later and you want a refund. i will not take back an animal that has been in your possession for six months, and there are no health issues with her. it is not uncommon for ball pythons to go off feeding for long periods. i have some that i have purchased that have not fed in months, but i have not harrassed the seller about it because like i said it's not uncommon. I don't know the conditions where she is now, but she was perfectly healthy and up to weight when you recieved her. I'm sorry she has stopped feeding, but she will again eventually, they always do.
    figured id keep in touch with you clown male is eating great putting on some weight... female het doing nice as well
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