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I'd like to verify whether Fauna Classified's long time member Olivier who recently wrote a gecko classified for 1.2 Cyrtodactylus peguensis zebraicus has sent a proper email to my home email. His email = [email protected]

That email lists his UserName as Mhc Loo.
In his classified ad he lists his home as Graham, Washington (state). When I Google or facebook those details NOTHING shows up. Does that mean his contacts are spam.

The email address he has in his account is "[email protected]". If you have ANY doubts about anyone, I suggest that you back away from dealing with them. I cannot vouch for anyone here and ANYONE can register here without having any sort of investigation done on their legitimacy. So trust your instincts if they are trying to tell you something.
Elizabeth Freer
Thanks so much, WebSlave, for your reply!
Have you a phone number for him?

The email in his ad (" [email protected] ") differs from "[email protected]"

He also lists "Olivier Allen" as his UserName. He told me he was in New York. At first he didn't mention Graham, Washington.
Always Looking For Big Toads yyejiip6hun81.jpg
I'm Looking For 4-6 inch toads such as Woodhouse, Texas, Great Plains, Gulf Coast, American or similar. I can pay for shipping with FedEx Reptile Runner or similar.