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  • Sorry for the extended delay, but I haven't been visiting this site nearly as much as I used to. But no. 2012 was the last season that I really did any breeding. I've got a few animals still, but enjoying them as pets. Might breed a couple next year, but no definite plans. Hope things are still going great for you!
    LMAO - re: BACON! Me either, nuthin but. I'm the Baconator ... and Baconeater :)
    Live well.
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Thanks Nick! They're bottomless pits right now! We should be posting another 4 or 5 clutches over the next few months including two more from Cheshire. I'm looking forward to seeing what pops out out of your Black Pastel x Spinner clutch!
    Me too :) The rest of his sibs have just shed but he still hasn't gone blue. Not that I didn't expect that, though. My clutch in April had babies take an entire month to shed even though they were eating. Little weirdos. :p

    The lesser huffman and all the rest are out ;)
    Congrats!! I'm just waiting on one more clutch... she looks huge... they are mystery babies so it's kind of exciting (even though they will probably be normals, lol)
    ..... And Im old you'll be over the hill before I am... I'll be at the top watchin you roll down waitin for my turn : )
    OLD SMH Thats terrible Nick LMAO I dont know why.... hmm Imma have to email Webslave
    Not untill the 19th btw I aint that much older than you... LoL
    Thanks for the link... i enjoyed the hour it took me to read it all..
    She is truly something else lol.
    too bad i was at work with the phones ringing and people coming in my office while i was trying to read... made it take even longer. She hasn't responded since they said her invoice was a fake. Im curious if she will. she needs bad karma
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