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  • Brian is a good man. He had patience and understanding with an issue we had from a purchase he made from me. I appreciate and apologize for the mistake. He’s a good man.
    thaks alot brian for the spider male ...he is everything i thought he was gonna be ......and also thank you for the fast and easy purchase
    my email is [email protected] !! there is a guy from (lives in phnx)who is gonna pop the poss double het snakes so when i figure out what is male and female i will let u know. i also have a pair of het orange ghosts that im thinking about selling, but there babbies and from kyle hoffman... maybe ill just trade them i dont know really yet.
    hey man, the corn snake eggs got a bad case of the mold :( all died. on the other hand the good news is that the 6 eggs from my het pied bred to my poss het caramel had a 100% hatch rate!! there going thru their first shed today actually. ne thing hatch for u recently?? post up some pics man!!
    i believe it was laid on may 14th (i think u came up on a thursday.) my eggs were looking good till i took them out of the bator and put them in a shelf. we will see how they hatch.i cant wait till the show in phoenix, should be fun.
    What's up buddy! What was the date that those were laid I didn't write that down . . . Oops! were all 7 of yours good? My 10 are lookin good! Ill email you some pics like I did for luman but they look very normal still...... I expect some more color each time they shed
    yea i second jeff... ne new pictures ??? my cell phone is turned off now but i got a house phone but i need to give u a call to see how things are going. the corn snake eggs doing good? i just cut mine to check em out... pretty cool lookin snakes but wont know till there up n out. (give or take a week)
    I've got 9 sunrise 1 spider poss het ghost ball pythons 34 amel corn snakes and 1 clutch of spider het ghost x normal hatching in 5 days...
    thats awsome =) im always looking to find some more localish type breeders lol...what kinda morphs you planning on hatching out? im always look to expand my collection....i think my next endevor will be some female pastels, a female cinny, lesser and either a male or female pinstripe...but im always intertested in what other people have be cool to come visit sometime and see your collection =D
    nice man id hate to see how much that put ur cash flow down lol but still a fun project. i got my two racks full now so no more spratic purchases for me for a few months at least lol.
    No problem at all buddy! I'm glad you got the 1.1 pair and I hope they do great for you. Keep me posted on your season is going!

    Talk to you later,
    Hi Brian, My season is going as expected...Late! About half of them have ovulated. Sorry, but when I saw the pictures of the mojave pieds, I sold my young adult mojave female and dropped that project. It's a neat-looking animal, just not what I was hoping for and I've got my pied girls dedicated to other combo's. Thanks for the inquiry and I hope your season is going well!
    nice man, hopefully i am gonna have some crazy nice blue eyed lucys along with some lessers and mojo's. i think all of them are already taken for thou lol. gonna keep any lucies i make. gonna be a fun year for everyone. when is there gonna be a expo in AZ do u know?
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