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  • i just got off work and saw ur post in ks, congrads on proving ur het... and what badass odds. u got some lucky balls lol
    1st clutch hatched 7 sunrise (I think, no color change just look like him) 2 normals (don't look like sid) and 1 spider. I guess he got in there on the last folicle lol
    Hey man how's it going? my year just got a lot more interesting with that male in the collection! Any way just wanted to say hey and let you know that I don't want you pissed at me over that female . . . . If your gonna hold a grudge over her then we need to work something out on her as I think your a good guy and don't want to kill our freindship over any animal! I do want her but im not in this to piss of good people like you!

    My Best wishes for your season.
    Brian Hettinger
    480 pythons
    Jeff, how is the Sulfur Spider male doing? My female is a pig, and still looks great! Got a Double Het Pied/ Axanthic X Het Pied clutch today, first clutch of the season.

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