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  • i really wish the het pieds would have produced somthing, even if it were more poss hets lol. but i really messed up their season during the move. i was gonna try to put somthing in the wheel for the noise in the asf cage but i realized there nocturnal and i work graves or late shifts so it hasnt really been a bother lol. you getting some cool stuff to lay and hatch for you? one day i will have a pied i swear hahaha. this year i think my female mojo will go so hopefully this next season i should have some blue eyed lucys hopefully!!
    hey paul, i made a update vid on some of my ball pythons.... see if u can spot your little guy lol. hes a eating machine and also loves to play big mean snake its funny. i also bought a lesser that is smoking to say the least from a friend on here named gib. tell me what u think
    Hey paul its Brian Hettinger (sids owner) how's your season going? I was wondering if you had any female pieds that have not been bred . . I want to throw my hypo mojave on a pied. Any interest in doing a breeding loan???
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