Chickadee at the bird feeder


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Feb 3, 2002
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Crawfordville, FL
These little birds are pretty quick to flit into and out of the bird feeders, so it was just luck that I got video more than a few seconds long of this one who actually seemed to be watching me through the window. He then grabbed a sunflower seed, and landed on a branch in the little tree behind the feeder and showed what he has to go through to get to the seed inside the husk to make a meal out of it.
Nice! I've never actually known exactly what a chickadee looked like before - I assume it's a type of finch?
Is this what the grey rat snake is waiting for?
Heck, I don't know. I know just about nothing concerning species and genera relationships in birds. We do have golden finches that overwinter here, but the chickadees don't treat them like welcomed family.

I guess the gray rat snakes will eat any bird they can catch that is of proper size. Certainly the chickadees, gold finches, Carolina wrens and hummingbirds would suffice. The cardinals would need a larger sized gray rat to tackle them. And I guess a particularly large gray rat snake could tackle the doves that have infested us lately. Connie doesn't particularly like the doves because they hog the bird feeders and scare away the smaller birds. She just calls them "pigeons" anyway, which in bird talk is probably some sort of racial slur. :hehe: