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  • Thanks for thinking of us in Fiji, Lucille,

    I was actually out of Fiji during the storm, and I am lucky, I live in a relatively unaffected area. No power for a week and a half, and some mopping up to do, but it is MUCH worse elsewhere. The cyclone was quite selective - missed most of the main tourism areas but devastated many poorer farming communities who are going to have a hard time rebuilding. There are lots of relief efforts currently getting food and building supplies to these areas, the main challenge will be to support those communities over the next 3 - 6 months while they replant their farms.

    Ironically, impacts will not last as long as they did in the USA Katrina episode - half the country doesn't have regular electricity or city water supply anyway, so are used to getting by independently - we always have 1,000 litres of water storage and a small generator on hand.

    it was a biggy - but the country is rebuilding already.
    Hey! The link you posted on my message board doesnt work. Post it again! Thanks!
    Wow, I didnt know the temps were like that at this time of the year! Our temp's are generally around 90-100 lately : / Pretty crazy change from Britain to the islands! What made you do such a change?
    heyas Helen,

    Since I had to look up Candoia (how embarrassing!) though they did look interesting-I probably shouldn't press my luck! lol however-- I don't mind at all the antisocial, or grumpy non-corresponding sort of friends! In fact I 'get' that part of friends...I'm chatty mostly in the forums and am a here sometimes, there sometimes sorta person. I'd love to 'friend' but it isn't necessary to 'be a friend' if you get my drift.

    They have always been very interesting to me.*** Too many things on my mind right now! I'm very making so many damn spelling errors lately.
    Hey Helen,

    No problem! I havent been on here myself in quite awhile either. I'll tell you that I dont have any Candoia but they havent always been very interesting to me. Most of my collection consists of Carpet Pythons. I am still interested in 'friending' you, no prob on that your not very communicative!

    Pretty bad ass you live in Fiji. How is it over there?

    -Yaz M.
    No worries :) I won't be offended, I realize things can get a bit hectic, especially with limited bandwidth :) I love the information you find on the candoia, they are one of my absolute favorite groups of snakes... I need to get a hold of some again!
    Hidey how Helen!

    That's just fine by me, and I do like those cute little dragons :D candioa are cute little buggers, and I love seein TK's Candoia when she posts em. I also know about you bein on fiji and understand that theirs not good internet there. For me the friendship request is like "I like what you post" so I offer friendship. :)
    Well, we don't want to declaw him...that would HURT!!!

    If he tried to scratch, just tap him square on the nose and firmly say "NO!"

    I'm having to do that with my 6 week old terror right now (only kitten in the litter, and SPOILED!), and he's learning!!
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