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May 25, 2024
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Jersey City New Jersey

I am toying with an idea (below) and would love your thoughts and feedback.

Is this something you would be interested in (would buy), or is this an other way for me to throw money at the hobby I know and love?!

I would like to create an “annual digest” (physical book) that chronicles the progression of the snake keeping hobby, highlighting new species, new genetic mutations and notable examples of species every year.

I would aim to publish these in early December. In my mind, these would be stocking stuffers for reptile geeks like me!

Given we’re almost all equipped with iPhone (or better) cameras today, my idea is to crowd source images from keepers like you across the globe. Each page of the book would include an image, and a short summary of the snake, genetics and/or personal note from the keeper. Documenting why the specific animal was included and highlighting why is it notable in the year of it’s inclusion.

When I was young, I worked at a reptile store, and loved reading (a.k.a looking at the pictures) in the physical books we sold, “the complete” series, “boas/pythons of the world” etc.

Having been away from the hobby for ~10 years and recently diving back in, I’m amazed to see how much has changed. For example, I remember the first pinstripe ball pythons we sold, for almost $1000 each, the first Angolan pythons we imported, which were almost unattainable at the time, and the rumors of large breeders trying everything imaginable to keep Boleans pythons alive with hopes of captive breeding.

Today the landscape is completely different. From the obvious explosion in Ball Python genetics, hognose genetics and cult following of locality boa breeders.

Like I said at the start. This is something I personally would enjoy, but before I invest too much time into it, I would love to get your opinions.

Would this interest you? Is it already covered by forums like this and Instagram? Am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance!

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