should have used birth!


Apr 9, 2003
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Northern California
okay first of all lemme just go ahead and admit this was my fault (given that im right and she was impregnated).

when i first got an albino of mine, i housed it with a male but they were so young i figured it was harmless. this female now weighs about 20 grams (way too small to breed by any standards) and im pretty sure she has two little tiny eggs sitting in her belly (imagine my surprise when i discovered them last night!!!)

my question is...

do leopard geckos lay slugs just because its breeding season?
can a 18 gram juvenille female get pregnant and actually have fertile eggs?

i'm pretty confused about all this... please help.
hopefully if she does lay eggs it wont take too much of a toll on her...
thanks in advance for any help or advice you may have.
No, Chad... shouldn't have used birth-control. You should have kept them separately, just like I advised you to do. :slamit:
Hey when i was younger I had a lone female as a pet, and she would always lay a few eggs. i dont know if they store sperm or not , but the eggs she laid where always infertile
It is doubtful she is ovulated that young or is currently gravid. I will say that it is possible though. At only 20 grams, if she did in fact become gravid being that small it is likely that she would end up losing weight extremely fast and would die within a short period of time, she would lay herself to death! Please do not put them in together until she is at least 50-60 grams.
well if she is in fact gravid i wont let her die. at that size im sure she wont lay more than a few eggs. did i mention that shes only about 4 months old. she really should not have gotten pregnant at that age or that weight. everything ive ever read or heard about geckos states that a female gecko that young/small is not sexually mature. so with that in mind why would i have kept her seperate from a male ( a gentle little patternless) thats only a month older than her (males arent supposed to be sexually mature until 6 months old). but anyways i wont make that mistake a second time. i keep all my males seperate now no matter what age.

p.s. marcia, that male i got from you now weighs 50 grams. hes looking good.
When you look a the bottom of a leo sometimes you can see some fat deposits inside that look like eggs, maby that is the case....but if she does lay I would cool her after her first feeding to stop her from laying anymore. I have a bunch of females that are around 60-80 grams and they lose weight not matter what you do. If she lays twice I would consider her dead....



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