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Feb 4, 2002
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Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I met Keith Blatt at the Pottstown PA show Saturday the 13th. He is working very hard to get his site off the ground. He is very excited about this and seems to be very hard at work getting the word out about the site. He was introduceing himself to all at the show and getting the word out about his site. I posted 5 items up for auction on his site to try and help him out and get some traffic and reptiles on his site. I know I have seen people post on boi how unhappy they are with so here our chance to help get a good auction site started. Take a minute and go and check it out and hopefully post a reptile or two. Who knows maybe I will bid on an item you post. Lets all get together and make a good auction site for ourselves. If anyone has other ideas how to help get this site going please let me know.
scott cook
Just a quick post.
I am not associated or do I own anypart of
I posted the above only because I feel we need a good reptile auction site and Keith seemed to me to be very dedicated to this.
scott cook
Just like Scott said!  We would say the same thing ~ we met Keith & his wife Billi Joe at the Pottstown show this Saturday.  We talked extensively about the Reptile site.....those two are working very hard to make it a great place to hold auctions!  We are going to give them all the support we can & encourage everybody to do the same <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
We also are not affiliated with them at all (except that they did purchase our beautiful male Dragon & are totally loving him haha).
They are nice folks & we just wanted to post that we totally agree with what Scott stated....let's make this a great site that we can all use & enjoy!
Just our 2 cents ~ Bob & Cecelia Conover "Happy Herps"
Hi everyone. I just wanted to say I have posted an animal up for auction at this site and hope to post another shortly. I hope many others will follow our lead and help this become a successful auction site. These people deserve our support so let's do our part to make it happen!

Greg Riso
I just registered at this site and really like the way it it set up. It is very user friendly and eye catching. I will definately keep an eye on it for future purchases.
Sacha Skaggs
Keith really is working hard to promote the auction website just from what I have observed on the net and from email correspondence with him.  Keith and his wife will also have a booth setup at the Raleigh show May 4th and 5th.  With our support reptileaution will be a asset to all of us.
Tony Cueto
Hi Everyone,
Well, I don't know if anyone has been watching but people are starting to list items on there and the traffic is picking up. Looks like it is on its way  to being the new reptile auction site to sell on. People are bidding also not just listing items. I even placed a bid!
Scott Cook
This site is doing great!!
Over 30 items up for auction now.

Thanks to everyone for helping out.
scott cook
Cool site....short on boas, tho.....seems to have mostly lizards listed....where are all the boa auctioneers? LOL
I have checked out the site it is rather nice neat and well put together , im not able to post any boas as of yet .. but the good lord willing and the "slugs dont arise " im looking to have some in mid june .I will be more then happy to to post single boas and lots of them on the site to auction off .I am also looking to possibly add some of my cages on the auction block in the very near future! so stay tuned i will let everyone know when i add them on for auction . but as a heads op there will be a min bid to meat just so i cover my @ss lol . stay tuned for more details ...... <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>