Not bad for a couple of hours work!


Just treading water.......
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This was thrown together pretty quickly, so there certainly are going to be some rough spots here.  There are things here that I don't have a clue about what they do, so I guess we'll all discover them along the way.

Anyway, Danni is still working on the old system as of 02/04/02, but I figured I'd better put something in place in case he found something insurmountable about putting the site on my server.  In the meantime, let's play with this for a while and see what it can do.

I know there are advertisers that have paid for banner ads, but at this point, I'm just trying to get the door to the site cracked open again.  If Danni does not get the site running, then we'll figure out how to make this one do the job.

Thanks for bearing with us.
Rich...It looks good, but VERY CONFUSING!!! The type in the blue boxes are UNREADABLE!! You've GOT TO have BLACK TYPE so it's EASILY READABLE!!
Jeesus Neil!  Give me a break.  I was up till past 4am last night getting this board up.  Believe it or not, I got this whole thing up and running like you see it now in just under one full day.

So I certainly have not had time to fine tune it. No, I don't like the color scheme either, but that's what I got when I installed it.

I don't know what Danni is doing, but I can't wait any longer. This may wind up being what we have from here on out.  There are a LOT of options in here not only for everyone posting messages, but for me as well to be able to manage this thing.  I can actually offload some of my work by assigning moderators to the different categories.  This board has an incredible number of bells and whistles.

Yes, it's new and yes YOU are going to have to read the options, and even experiment a bit.  I put a section down at the bottom of the page expressly for people to be able to experiment at their heart's content.  Use it.  You don't have to use EVERY option if you don't want to.  But for those that want to, and know how to do it, it's here for their use.

And as always, I certainly had no illusions of satisfying everyone with everything I do, but dammit I'm doing the best I can.

Hey Webslave,
I think it looks great!!! I love all the options!!
Once this gets going I think this will be the best site you have had so far. From where it all started to this, it just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work and I look forward to coming on this site even more than before.

Scott Cook
Rich...Keep your shirt looks GREAT!! I'm SURE I'll figure it out in time, but...I just can't read ANYTHING in the little blue boxes, so I CAN'T experiment....if you can....TRY making the boxes YELLOW with BLACK type and NOT "box" letters....just a thought ....Neil
I think everything looks great. I know I couldn't even begin to put anything like this together. Neil, the blue boxes are perfectly clear to me. Maybe you just need to adjust the color on your monitor a bit. Thanks webslave.

Bobby Douglass
I'm sure my problem is because I only have WebTV!! Could somebody out there, at least, tell me WHAT the "blue boxes" say?? I REALLY can't read them....thanks ....Neil
Hey  - Looks GREAT!
I really like the new set up because it's a lot like other boards online - it makes it easier to become familiar with. Plus it's really easy to add lots of *fun* things to it, too!
Glad you're back - Great Job!
Neil, the box on the top right says ("quote"). The first box on the bottom says (Profile), the second on the bottom says (Send Msg), and the third on the bottom says (E-Mail). <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
Glad to see everything up and running!  What a great asset this board is for everyone!!  Thanks!!!  <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'>
Keep up the Good work
Apple <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>
I think it looks good. I am adjusting to it. I have had a very hard time accessing your site for over a week and even just now trying to get on was not easy. I went to yahoo, found the links, but they did not go through. I knew I could get here because I did earlier today but it was quite frustrating and I think that my Irish stubborness is the only way I finally got here. I don't know why because I do not speak fluent computereez I just know it was a pain.
Wow, not bad for a day's work!  Looking good.  

I have a suggestion, if I can ignore me if you want.  Is there any way to make color differentiation between posts we've viewed and those we haven't (like the blue/purple scheme on other boards)?

P.S. Don't pull your hair out yet!  I imagine you are already working on this and it is on the four million page list, somewhere.  Thanks for getting the site up and running again!

~~Hurley <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>
There was only room for one thumb up, else I would have definitely added a HUGE "Two thumbs up" for all your hard work. I really like the new look and prefer it over the previous site. Maybe it doesn't work from WebTV, but it looks great on Internet Explorer.... please keep up the great job.

Tom Townsend
Hi Rich

Just got registered!  I sure am glad your back.  There are a lot of options here and it will all seem simpler when we become used to everything.  I think I registered wrong, and if you want me to re-register I will, or I will just post my full name whenever I post.  What ever is best.  Is there somewhere you have posted where we can get info on helping you with this page?

Mike Blackston