My friends just dont understand....


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Apr 4, 2009
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Tucson, AZ
This does not make me crazy :D

Typical feeding day....
However, I don't spread my rodents out on the carpet to defrost them - that is a little weird, Willow.
I was actually cleaning out and rotating my stock lol...made some space in my chest freezer.
its ok my parents have stopped me from buying reptiles when i was about to change species so i only have one lizard and they tick me off cause now im loosing money and i cant enjoy a collection
there is an idea... hmm... now wonder how to ask to actually be able to get a box of snake food for Christmas... with out me realizing it because i go through the freezer constantly...
glad my 2 dogs are not the only one who either want to get a wiff of snake food or try to get in the bucket to eat the rodents....or play with them... or both..
oh my dog was having a great time trying to figure out those bags when I was moving them around lol...and Shane, I have that many live too lol
u still working with the odd eyed ones u got from me? Funny i went from having like 300 rats to 5 rats. I can enjoy my 3 snakes and not have to worry about cleaning a million cages.