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Jan 21, 2020
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MKGReptiles Is a scam artist I paid for two lizards at $1300 he never shipped them I never received them he will not answer calls or text messages he just took my money and ran.
Do you have any more info? Screen shot or link to ad? How did you pay?
Richard do you have emails, pictures etc to give readers a better idea of what transpired? How did you pay?
I paid by card he sent me a email invoice. It’s was for 2 black throat Monitors that he said he had and he send pictures in a text and we made a deal and after I paid he would ship and than he said he didn’t have time to ship out on that Thursday so he said he would ship on Friday. I kept texting asking if he shipped and if I can get tracking number and he said he would sent me the information and he never did so I kept trying get ahold of him but he will not text back or answer phone calls But here is a picture where I paid you can see he’s phone number on it


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Here is he’s ad that I found him and when I started talking to him he told me about other reptiles he had
You paid two days ago so I'd give it a little more time. Also animals should never be shipped on Friday because FedEx doesn't deliver on Saturday or Sunday and for their safety the animals have to be shipped overnight.
I got what your saying. But he told me he was shipping and they will on delivery Saturday I have got stuff on Saturday before. But anyway he won’t talk to me about it or answer he’s phone or text back
FedEx will deliver on Saturday (it costs more). I have used that extra service a few times, but multiple factors (especially weather and recipient schedule) have to come together for me to make that kind of decision. Definitely not a standard choice and if things are not lined up especially well, I would not use it.

Richard, it is possible that his phone went out of commission (can be as simple as a dropped phone), so see if this upcoming week does not bring some news. He could also be temporarily incapacitated (it has happened a time or two for other people who seemed to drop off the face of the planet). You mentioned trying to text and call. Have you tried emailing him? If he uses a computer in addition to a phone, that might help. If you cannot make contact and things are still unresolved by the middle of next week, I would contact the card company to get that ball rolling.
Thanks for posting all that info, Rick. I have just a couple questions, though. What is the phone number you used to contact Mackenzie? How about his email address? If all is in order, then I would agree your scammer post may be premature.

I would ask, however, what is this (circled in red) info on your receipt?
If relevant to the seller, then many red flags. If not then I'm just a nutcase, lol


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PS, I know what Square is ... I'm inquiring about the weird physical address, email and phone number, just to be clear.
I can't find a Red Roe Drive in Alexandria. Nor would I refer to my country of residence twice in my address unless I lived in, say, Nigeria.

Richard, it is possible (probable?) that a scammer texted you pretending to be the seller. Had you contacted the seller by any sort of secure, verified means such as private message?
You may do well to PM the seller -- then you at least know you're talking to the person you think you are.
That phone number is the the number he texted and call from. He told me he was in Tennessee. He was telling me about all the reptiles he was selling and sent me pictures of some of them. I don’t know. I know to be more careful next time. I reported it to my back so I will get my money back. But just sucks that there’s people out there doing that kind of stuff
Under monitors he has a ad that he is selling a white throat Monitor from Tennessee that’s how I got in contact with him
But just sucks that there’s people out there doing that kind of stuff

Agreed. It would suck more, though, to put blame on some decent person in TN when the scammer is someone overseas, who has no reptiles at all.

I've PMed the seller about this thread.
Under monitors he has a ad that he is selling a white throat Monitor from Tennessee that’s how I got in contact with him

Richard, in that thread you listed your phone number for anyone to text. I'm trying to confirm that you were actually in contact with MKGreptiles, rather than someone posing as such.
If 503-455-4278 is the phone number that the seller used, it is likely bogus. 503 area code is Oregon, not Tennessee. And that email address, "belgian074@gmail,com" brings up nothing in a search except a now cached Fauna post from 1-3-2020.

I couldn't get a screen shot of the cached post, but here is the text I was able to copy:

This is Google's cache of, as it appeared on Jan 3, 2020 23:15:57 GMT

! ISO - Caramel Pink Albino sub adults
I am looking for caramel pink albinos 4”+ both sexes email pics and price to [email protected] thank you

Old 01-03-2020, 05:28 PM

Rita Belcher is a scammer they are using the phone number (206)4625956 and email [email protected] Beware"

Evidently, this Fauna "Cullindag" user was looking for particular turtles and this "Rita Belcher" person must have emailed him/her trying to sell, hence the follow-up scammer post with the same email as MKGreptiles. Note this was not an old post, but was cached nonetheless. I found it when searching the email address,"belgian074@gmail".

Just sayin'