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Feb 3, 2002
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Seems more and more people are intent on writing a novel within the topic line for their thread. And while at it, some are getting overly descriptive of what they think about the person or business that the thread is about.

Please refrain from this practice. Keep the topic line SHORT, with the name or names of the person or business, and utilize the prefix icon. You will have as much space as you need when posting the thread to tell people the details of what your thread is all about.
Ahem!! It appears that people are not paying attention to this request. I would hate to have to elevate it to an infraction level... :toetap05:
Inquiry of seller

I would like to know about Christopher Yang. It says on this site he is an "unknown entity", yet he is still posting the same ad for a nosy be. I think some of his ads are old, as well as new for the same nosy be. Please help, as I am interested in this cham. Thank you, Leslie Irene Durrant
I'm not sure why you thought it would be appropriate to post that in this thread...
If you would like to post an inquiry, and cannot find an existing thread in his name, start a new one in the proper format. If you have not yet read the rules for posting, it would be a good idea to do so prior to creating a thread
This is the board of inquires?? This site totally confuses me. I had read the rules. TY

Well, here's a test, the answer to which is a clue about what Harald is talking about.

First question: What is the TOPIC of this thread?

Second question: Why would you think your query about someone in particular fits well within the topic of this thread?

Third question: If you read the rules, how did your answers to the first two questions lead you to believe that you have complied with those rules?
How can I edit the name of my post to be the company name? I meant Retmart not Diseased Bearded Dragon

Jacquelyn the post is under mymoa
How can I edit the name of my post to be the company name? I meant Retmart not Diseased Bearded Dragon

Jacquelyn the post is under mymoa

Sorry, but you cannot edit anything concerning your post. Your only option is to cut and paste the text from your current post into a new properly formatted thread. The older one in violation of the rules will be deleted shortly.
Well, hmmm.... Did you REALLY mean "Retmart"?
Mr Slave can you please help a sister out and delete the second ReptMart posting? I didn't know the name could be corrected. You will then have no more problems from me. I promise.
The one that can be deleted is the one where I did not have the update.

thank you Mr Slave I am indebted to you.