Infested with wild turkeys!


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Feb 3, 2002
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Crawfordville, FL
Looked out the bedroom window several days ago and saw a bunch of wild turkeys rooting around on the ground for food. Connie said she counted 13 or them, plus or minus. Taking video through the window glass isn't the best thing you can do, but I didn't think they would hang around if I walked outside.

Sure can tell my hands are getting unsteady with age. How the camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000) was able to focus on the turkeys instead of the trees and limbs between me and them really surprised me. Did go out of focus a few times, but all in all not too bad.

In 4K if you can watch it that way.
Hey thanks for sharing, & I think it's a very good video. We have wild turkeys around here (AR) too, but I can't look out my window & see them. Reminds me of watching that excellent PBS program, "My life as a turkey". (-or something like that?) Lots worse things you could be "infested" with, lol.
Haha definitely could have a worse infestation. The good news if the turkeys get to brave they taste delicious:exactly:
Good luck with them.
Out here in Danville CA we have tons of them.
I don’t think they are indigenous.
A buddy and I talked about it and the harm they can do.
They might be starving our indigenous critters out.
On another note he also has bad things to say about the wild horses that are in Nevada.
I just can’t go that far.
I love me them wild horses and often see them in the Black Rock Desert.
If turkey’s are harming our reptiles by eating all the food and are not indigenous to the area they need to be culled.
But that’s just my opinion.