HELP! I need to know some herp laws


Houston, Texas
May 28, 2002
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I am thinking about acquiring a spectacled camin. I would like to know if anybody has any knowledge on what is needed to keep one in the Houston Texas area. If anyone has any info please send it to [email protected] . I know that keeping croc's is illegal, but since camin are a non native species I would think that it is ok. Please, any help is much appreciated.

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Crocodilians-Contact:Texas Parks and Wildlife Commision. The CITES position on Spectacled Caimans changed last year. Now protected federally under SOA. Double check with them they may be willing to work with you??? Thanks Ray

So then , should I e-mail them? So if they are protected than that means you have to have a permit to own one right? Thanks for the help.

To elaborate, since the spectacled caiman is now protected under the ESA, a Captive Bred Wildlife License from USFWS would be required if you are to buy one from out of state.

Off the top of my head, I'm unaware of any state regulations that would apply to the acquisition/keeping of caimen. TP&W would be the authority on that matter, though.
No laws in Texas in regards to TPWS in relation to caimans. You might want to check your city and county laws. If you aquire the animal in state and it is legal in your county & city, you are safe!

I have family that lives in Houston and from what I understand there exists a city ordinance (and possibly a county but I do not think so) that prohibits the keeping of crocs of any sort within the city limits. I would call them and see. Here are some of the sites you might check. TPWD doesn’t care about the caiman as they have left it up to each county and city to regulate themselves. Good luck.