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Apr 4, 2021
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Green forest dragons (Calotes calotes) for sale. Prices are plus shipping. Feel free to reach out with any questions. More pictures are available on our website and social media.

Young adult males - $700
Young adult females - $800
Young adult pairs - $1400
Unsexed Juveniles -$400 each, $350 each in groups of 4+.

One of the most extraordinary of the 29 known species in the Calotes genus, Calotes calotes, known commonly as the green forest dragon or green forest lizard, is rarely seen in herpetoculture, and even more rarely seen in US herpetoculture.

Calotes calotes display some of the most vibrant coloration of the genus, with rich green base tones replacing the neutral tones seen in many more common species, as well as the ability to rapidly change the color of their head and shoulders to a deep scarlet. Many will often display light, sometimes almost white vertical striping along the body. When stressed, these stripes may instead turn darker than their base color, which itself can rapidly change to a dark green to almost black.

Alongside their gorgeous colors, Calotes calotes possess incredible structure, with large scales, a tall crest starting at their head and running down their back, and a row of horns behind each ear. Calotes calotes are one of the largest species of the genus, reaching a maximum length of around 26 inches nose to tail.

Always out and about in the terrarium, our green forest dragons have proven to be bold and full of personality. Males frequently put on unique displays where they move their head in circles or semicircles while bobbing their head and doing pushups. Both males and females are capable of changing head color to scarlet and even females will bob sometimes, but males do so more frequently and enthusiastically.

Our older terrarium bred juveniles warm up to us well. They often run onto our hands looking for insects when we go into their terraria. We start tong-feeding all of our calotes as older juveniles, so all subadults and adults are used to hand feeding and interacting with us by the time they are ready to move to new homes. Most allow light handling at this point without much trouble.

We have written a care article on green forest dragons on our website to any interested.


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