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  • There is a scammer Dan Richard he messaged me about uromastyx Thomasi, after communication and pictures sent to me claiming they are his . It comes to light that the pictures are from a Spanish breeder . So he was looking to take $$$ without the delivery of lizards . I have back up.
    Hi, i think i added some pictures and my add to Florida Iguana's add, this was unintentional and by accident. Please remove it, thank you.
    Is the BOI gone? I was trying to find a thread that contained specific screenshots but I can't find the BOI..
    Hello April
    How are you. Fine I hope.
    Can you keep an eye out for anyone posing as me? Someone has tried to use my name and rep from on here to try and sell REDhead a snake. They called the number he listed in his wanted- male albino checkered garter and posed as me. Keith (REDhead) thought he sound kinda indianish and not like a NY-er. So Keith contacted me through fauna before sending money to see if I was selling the garter snake.
    Don’t know what to do. I changed my profile telling people I’m not selling reptiles and don’t buy from anyone saying they are me. Also posted on the general BS forum


    I am posting this complaint in regard to a wanted ad that I posted for a Hydromedusa tectifera that posted on Thanksgiving Day, and someone saw my wanted ad, and contacted me with a group of South American snake necked turtles. Then, I was trying to purchase them in a nerve racking saga of the person refunding my payment to PayPal account, but finally I manage to send the full payment through, but after I paid them they barely contacted me when I texted them; and I tried asking them for the tracking number for my turtle(s); but no reply when calling them, and worst the phone number I was texting to be no longer active, so I totally in the dark with my order to that person, and now I am asking you to see if someone from Colorado had looked at my wanted ad that night.

    Yesterday there was a ad posted for a baby ornate uromastyx for sale by the user name of Lase991. I paid for the uromastyx and the seller called me to confirm that I made payment and said he would Fedex me the info. Right after that I went back to the ad on Fauna to see if he marked it as sold. I noticed a comment from other user that said they looked at his profile and several people said he was a scammer and they had sent money to him and never received the reptile and no response back from him ever again. His name on the Fauna ad was different than the one that ended up showing on paypal and I asked him on the phone why and he replied oh that name is one of my employees.
    I know Fauna cannot fix this and I am in the process of trying to get my money back. The ad looked legit and I have bought other reptiles from Fauna users without any problems. Once I told him why did so many people say he had scammed them he removed his ad from Fauna.
    Giving karma either good or bad is quite petty. You taking the time to respond regarding it just proves my hypothesis on the importance of someones' online persona.
    I didn’t see the edit value. I went to profile and I have my town listed. Not sure if that’s it
    Hi, Jay Russo here, please take a look at the most recent ad by Jason Chang (Radstar). He has posted pics of a male Planicuda (Flat tailed tortoise) for sale but describes it as a female. I kept a group of planicuda for decades and i a certain the tortoise he is selling is a male. It is this kind of practice that hurts this site.
    Thanks Jay Russo.
    Hello AbsoluteApril, There is an albino ball python advertised for sale in the Python in classiieds that looks like a scam. http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=697927

    The seller has shown two photos, one of which is an albino retic, and neither of the photos belong to the seller. One is taken from reptile Rapture's website: https://reptilerapture.net/albino-ball-python-female-sunshine.html and the other is from a two year old post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/snakes/comments/5u3klj/my_new_albino_lavender_platinum_reticulated_python/ The poster joined this month and something just doesn't smell right.
    like i said before im not a computer person . I have limitations due to combat related injuries. so ill apologize in advance. But i cant even se any Boi posts. Why is that ?
    So you blocked my access to replying to his ongoing lies about me? How is this even close justified. You guys make it to easy for people to to do this. without even getting proof . The guy is flat out wrong. If you are blocking me then you are wrong aslo.
    Can you please delete my to post on the boa discussion forum. I copied and pasted to it and forgot to edit out some info about wholesale the boas out. I did not mean to post it. First time using my phone to post stuff.

    Thank you.
    I cant leave feedback from a recent purchase. It says I dont have permission to access this feature. Why?
    I placed JoshKing in my ignore list but if he is still able to harass me can I make a new account?
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