Midwest Reptile Show June 26


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Aug 2, 2010
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Central City, Iowa, US
Has anyone been to the June Midwest Reptile Show? I am considering going, but it will be a pretty good drive for me. Is it worth my time? I'm interested primarily in Corns, Milks, and tarantulas. Any opinions?
Ive heard through a snake friend of mine on another forum based website, that he goes to all of the Midwest Reptile shows and always makes and gets a killing for his corn snakes.

Hes also posted pictures before, and most of the "product" there is healthy, vibrant and just overall good.

He also says he makes good connections and gets TONS of business (if youre looking to set up shop) for his corn snakes.

From the pictures hes posted on his account are wonderful. All of the animals are clean and well organized, a lot of people have little booths set up everywhere for JUST informatuion, and from what I can gather, there are a lot of reptiles.. from iguanas, to corn snakes, milk snakes, boas, pythons, ive seen dozens of species of lizards, geckos, skinks and salamanders.

Heck hes even got pictures of centipedes and tarantulas posted!

Its a pretty long drive for me as well (were talking over 5 hours lol), and ive always wanted to go, but.. as gas gets higher and my will to go father dwindles, im disappointed i probably wont get to one.
But, from my OPINION, and what ive seen, i think it would not be a waste of your time if you were to go!

Gluck and bring back pics! lol