Looking for agamid breeder advice


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Mar 12, 2023
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Olympia, Washington
Hello. I'm specifically working with diploderma splendidum. I raised a male who made it to 6 years before bringing a female in, he was able to lock once (possibly twice) before he passed. I currently have 3 strong babies approx 4 months old. My female is showing signs of eggs so I think he was able to crank one out before he kicked the bucket approx a month ago.

Last time these babies hatched in the enclosure then were removed and separated in individual bins. T5 Uvb, humidity 50-75%. I use calc/vitamin mix every other feeding, I offer food 3x a week or if the cups are empty. They started eating peanut beetle worms, now with xsml dubias as they grow. Tbh I wasn't sure #3 was going to make it but he's still here. #1 has become really big and grew a lot faster than the other two.

I'm not sure how to tell their sexes yet, I was hoping to get some advice on that.

Is there anything else I should be doing? What age would be good to offer them up? I'm hoping I can keep at least one male and continuing with these little guys, they're wonderful to work with.

Also if anyone has peanut beetle available I would like to be connected.