Hognose temps (is 100 degree basking too high?)


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May 8, 2014
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Evergreen, Colorado
I've heard some variable things about hognose temps. With the heat lamp I have the basking spot is about 100 degrees at the warmest spot with lots of places in the 90s and then the ambient temperature through the rest of the tank is in the low 80s.

Is that too hot? My Northern blue tongue skink (another desert creature) is fine at those temps, but I know that skinks and hognoses come from very different deserts. It's a young hognose if that makes a difference. So far the snake isn't showing any signs of being bothered by the heat, but I've only had her a few days.

If it is too hot do you have any advice on how to get it to cool down? I'm pretty sure the basking lamp I'm using is the lowest watt you can get.

Thanks in advance!
I would say it's too hot...32 c is the recommended hot spot but I have mine at 34 c as she appears to be more active. Ambient is about 27-28 c. Loads of hides both ends. As for cooling down try a UTH.
So I've moved the lamp and now the hottest spot is around 89-90 degrees and the ambient temperature is in the low 80s. The cool end is about 80-81 degrees.
Your cool end could be lower. I run mine at room temp (76*F) with a UTH providing belly heat at 90*F.
Little bit too high..room temp is good...but your critter will normally let you know is it spending all its time on one side of the viv hot cold or is it moving from one side to the other..I find that care sheet temps are a guideline and i adjust according to my snakes behaviour
I've definitely seen her more on the warm side of the tank than the cool side. She has been trying to escape a lot though (climbing up the sides in the corners). I assumed that was just because she's adjusting to a new environment and testing the boundaries.
I've definitely seen her more on the warm side of the tank than the cool side. She has been trying to escape a lot though (climbing up the sides in the corners). I assumed that was just because she's adjusting to a new environment and testing the boundaries.

She's been on both sides of the tank though. Just more often on the warm side. Sorry for double posting I didn't know how to edit my post.
As long as she shedding and eating fine I wouldn't worry too much..although I would drop temps a little as when you drop your hot spot the ambient should drop aswell. Hognose are a very active snakes, mine never seem to be still. She could be looking for a cooler place. It won't do any harm dropping them down a little. Also I would defo change to a UTH I only use ceramics for my balls and boas my corn and hogs are all UTH But that's only my preference as it works for me I don't think there is a right or wrong tbh.
Ok. I've only had her for about 5 days. She hasn't eaten yet (I've tried twice in the first four days I had her). She reacts defensively towards the food and doesn't want to eat it; the people at the pet store said she was a little pig though so I'm hoping once she has a little more time to adjust she will want to eat.

Do you think the high temperatures would make her not want to eat? I would think if anything they would up her metabolism and make her more hungry than usual.
How old is she? If it's a baby I used to put an old toilet roll tube in the viv and just pop the feed in there. Also I don't normally attempt to feed for around a first week of them coming to me to let them settle in. Don't worry about feeding just yet but none of my hogs strike to the tongs
That's good to know. The only other snake I've fed regularly is my girlfriend's ball python, who always strikes at the food right away when fed from tongs. It makes sense that a hognose would be different.

She's a baby. The people at the pet store didn't know exactly how old she was. But she's about the width of one of my fingers so my guess would be pretty young.

I'll give her more time to settle in before I try to feed her again. And I'll try putting the pinkie in a toilet paper or paper towel tube. I'm assuming that it would be less stressful to feed her in the cage than out of the cage? I'm worried about pieces of aspen sticking to the pinkie and getting swallowed. Does the tube basically take care of that? She won't drag the pinkie out of the tube after she's started eating it?

Thanks for your help by the way!
They are quite inquisitive snakes always burrowing or running the edges of the tank..my viv are full of clutter for them..plant pots..paper towel/toilet roll tubes they love climbing on under through anything so a nice suprise meal found in a toilet tube is always nice. Yeah the baby's normally eat it in the tube solving the problem of swallowing Substrate.
As for feeding in the viv I see no benifit from feeding outside the viv although this is heavily debated by herps across the world on every forum in every language....so I don't really want to bring that up lol
If your worrying about them eating the aspen then put a pice of paper towel and feed it on that