Woman Becomes Friends With Little Snake Who Lives In Her Screen Door


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Mar 29, 2013
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Inwood, WV USA

Bootsy the cat was hanging out by his screen door one day when he suddenly noticed a snake who needed help and immediately alerted his mom. She realized the poor guy was stuck in a hole in the screen door and couldn’t get out, so once he retreated back into the hole, she grabbed a drill and carefully set about making the hole bigger so the snake, later named Snickers, could free himself.

“[It took] only a few minutes with a drill, but it took Snickers about 30 minutes to feel safe enough to try to exit the bigger hole,” Melisa Taylor, Bootsy’s mom, told The Dodo.

Snickers slithered away and Taylor didn’t think much of it — until he came back again.

“Surprisingly, he was back within the next day or so,” Taylor said. “My cat spotted it again poking out of the hole and looking in the window.”

Once Taylor realized that Snickers apparently lived in her screen door now, she wanted to make sure he was protected. She needed everyone to know that was his home and they shouldn’t disturb him, so the only logical next step was to put up signs.

There are now several signs hanging over Snickers’ home. They’re meant to be fun and silly, and they’ve definitely brought a lot of joy to everyone who’s seen them.

“Most of them laugh or think it's cute and wholesome,” Taylor said. “I've been thanked a lot for rescuing it from the tiny hole.”

Taylor doesn’t see Snickers every day, but whenever she does, she’s always so happy to see him. Even when she doesn’t spot him, she loves just knowing that he’s there. He’s a valued member of the family now.

“It scares the venomous snakes away from my yard, and I am thankful for him,” Taylor said.




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