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Could someone please give me a fair market price on a female 2004 Salmontine Boa? I don't know too much about the various Boa morphs, and I don't want to overprice this animal. I also don't want to advertise a very low price and be accused of undercutting the market. I know that individual looks have a lot to do with pricing, and I really don't know what to look for in characteristics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the information:

Scientific Name: Boa constrictor
Morph: Salmontine
Sex: Female
Length: 32”
Health: Excellent
Temperament: Docile/Active
Food: Mice/Rats
Birth Date: 08/04
Sire/Dam: Salmon (Ihre Hypo) x Argentine

(NOTE: Please do not reply to this thread with a purchase offer. This is not an advertisement. This is a question about market pricing only. Thank you.)

Thanks in advance...

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That depends a lot on the sellers reputation also. I have seen these sell for 325 to 800+ I really could not give you a good price answer. I would say 400-500 range would be good for a Salmonite like yours. Less pattern and a lot of pink all the way up to a grey head, no speckling and with no black outlines on the tail pattern I have seen for over 1000. Very good looking snake. Those are just my thoughts though.
Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a fair price range. I may have to lower the price even more, though. I just tried removing her for a few more photos, and she got a little aggressive. Maybe she's tired of photos. (The little diva! LOL) Either way, I changed the ad to reflect this moodiness. I don't feel comfortable with the "Docile" label now. LOL

Are the Boa enthusiasts as strict at supporting current market prices as some other species enthusiasts? I mean...will I get hate mail accusing me of crashing the market if I advertise a $300 price tag? I don't want to be black-listed from the community for selling too low.

Thanks again...

Chris Bianco
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I have no idea if you will get hate mail, as I said I have seen them sell cheap at shows, so I do not think you will have to worry about that too much. Some, hopefully most, may see it as you just need to sell. When I see those kinds of ads I my first thought is "Wow, what a deal!" I then move on to the interrogating questions and and ask for extra pics to make sure I get what I see. This is how I have acquired most of my animals, I just wait until I see the deal I am looking for, this has really worked out for my Jungle Boas. So you may just be asked a lot more questions and have to deal with a little more pickiness. For 300 I would think she will sell really fast, the Argentine in her probably ads to her personality LOL!

Good luck with her

(((Thought Bubble) If my albino hets would only breed this next season, she would be perfect......and I did not have current bills to pay)))))
"...the Argentine in her probably ads to her personality LOL!"

Sorry. One last question. Does this mean that moodiness is common in Salmontines? If so, I probably wouldn't need to discount her because of it...right?

(I hate this pricing game! Too many factors to consider! LOL)

Thanks Again,
Chris Bianco
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One last question. Does this mean that moodiness is common in Salmontines? If so, I probably wouldn't need to discount her because of it...right?

It probably is common since most baby argentines are a bit moody. I don't think that should have too much of an affect on price. I think the pverall look of the animal and the sex of it would be the best factors to base the price on.
Thanks for the reply! Someone else mentioned this to me yesterday, too. I've decided to honor my original price of $300 shipped until Monday just to be nice. Afterward, the price goes back up to market price.

Thanks again!