Wakulla County FL, cornsnake


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Feb 3, 2002
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Crawfordville, FL
Connie spotted this guy sitting among the "emergency" rain water jugs (I need them for the insectivorous plants when it gets dry around here), apparently enjoying the coolness the water in the jugs provides for him on a hot August afternoon. This location is out in back of the garage.




After taking his pic, I put the jug back for him, and he didn't really get spooked by me.
Good looking corn I miss the days of going to wakulla springs that is some cold water.

Yeah man. I think it's something like a constant 72 degrees. Which feels pretty dang cold when the air temperature is 90+ degrees.

Last time Connie and I were out there, we rode out bikes on one of the hiking trails. When we got back we went to the concession area and ordered up a couple of ice cream cones. I could not believe the size of those cones! I swear, the scoops of ice cream were nearly half the size of our head. And we ordered "mediums" if I remember correctly. We both nearly got terminal cases of brain freeze trying to eat the ice cream quickly before it melted.
My favorite place in Florida has to be Aaron Road. Correct me if I got the county wrong. I know the adjacent county is Liberty? Hunting and actually finding what I was looking for. Yeah, Scarlet Kingsnakes. What a "RUSH" when you see those colors. Nothing beats that for me!
There is an Arran Road here in Wakulla County which is also Forest Hwy 13 going into the Apalachicola National Forest. It is a nice drive through the woods.

Seen a few scarlet kings here on our property every now and again. Even seen a coral or two and scarlet snakes.