Resident Demon
I like to feed the birds lots of fresh veggies and I am growing some assorted vegetables in the garden. The birds like the summer squash and zucchini and peppers. I am growing pickling cucumbers also and since every seed I planted of 2 varieties of cukes came up it looks like I will have plenty of extras. I've never given fresh cucumbers to birds, has anyone here dones so?
I have never tried cucumbers but it wouldn't hurt to stick one in there and see what happens. I feed allot peppers, Banana, and the occasional cheesy poof as a treat.
I would consider them to be a moisture source. I don't think cucumbers are very rich in nutrients. I feed the skins, only, to my iguana.
ive given cucumber to some of my former birds bird now doesnt like anything but his food..well...he likes chicken here and there..but thats it..i WISH he ate veggies..cuz the variety is good for him