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Sep 24, 2005
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My mother has seen UFOs twice, once in Rockford Illinios and once at here own home when she was 15.Has anyone else seen, knows websites, or would like to share some info about them?:alien:
I have seen two UFO's in my life. Interestingly enough, both sightings were in big cow pastures. Once was when I was 13 and my best friend and I were walking around the big field/cow pasture near my house. That one looked like a big jellyfish in the sky, it was transparent and had what I can only describe as tentacles waving around it and below it. It hovered down around us for a few seconds, then floated back up into the sky and disapeared.

My other experience was when I was out herping late one night all alone. I was in my truck and was out in pretty much the middle of nowhere going down a bunch of Forest Service Roads looking for broad banded copperheads. There was nothing but pasture all around the roads, and not a house to be seen. Suddenly I saw it! It looked sort of like a stealth bomber, shaped in that triangular shape, but it had multicolored lights flashing all around it (like Christmas tree lights), and it hovered in one spot. I couldn't tell how far away from me it was. I was freaking out and went to grab my camera, as I always take it along when I road hunt. By the time I turned the camera on and went to photograph it, it was gone. After that happened I never went out to the "Grasslands" alone, ever again.
i might have seen one but im not sure. this is going back maybe 10 years. i was about 9. well it was me, my brother, and 2 of our friends at the time. it was almost dusk, we where all walking along the road next to a open field and someone pointed out a little orangeish red dot in the sky, looked like a laser pointer dot but wasnt. it moved in all directions then went straight up and disappeared. to this day ive met like 5 more people that saw the same thing in the area i live in. also there was a famous one my mom was a witness to. i dont know if your have heard about this but there was one that was huge and very low to ground. just hovering over a highway. and everyone pulled over and highway was empty. thats all i know on that one.
I saw one...and it was just earlier this year. Ok, it was at an air show...but it was NOT a plane I assure you. Anyway, all the planes were up in the air (right over our head) but in the distance over the water, something caught my eye. It was a very slow moving object that was white just moving through the sky at eye level. It wasn't a cloud because it was smooth. I completely forgot about the planes and I was sort of hypnotized by it because it was amazing. It just moved along until it went past a hill and dissapeared, and it never came back.

There was also one time I saw a UFO at night at my aunts house just last month. It was on Saturday, and I had just turned off the TV after watching InuYasha. I wasn't tired yet, so I just sat there in the dark. All of a sudden, this red dot appeared where you could see some of the window. I never blinked like a plane's lights would, and it just sat there. It finally moved at lightspeed after what seemed like forever (it was really only 20-30 seconds). After that, I never turned off the TV and just sat there without the blankets over my head.

I also think I saw a UFO on halloween...but I'm still debating wether it was a UFO or simply a shooting star. (My aunt saw it too)
Now I feel left out.
No matter how many times I have looked up in the sky trying to spot one of these things, I NEVER see any.
I too saw an unidentified flying object. It was in 1998 & I was sitting out on my porch with my boy Brad and saw the same exact thing as kelli H states. It was triangle shaped with the friggin skittles rainbow for lights. and imediately I said "WoW check out the stealth bomber bro". Well both of us are jet freaks, and we don't miss airshows for anything. Discovery wings channel is like the holy grail for us. Well to make a long story short just as soon as he looks up he says, no way look at all those lights.no sooner the thing just stopped dead in it's tracks went into reverse and took off like a bat out of hell. :shrug01: :notallthe
Strange things, aren't they? But I do believe that UFOs and extraterrestrials are a big part of our everyday lives. Just think about all our modern technology, how the hell did we make it? I don't think we made anything at all...we just took what we found (from UFOs and such) and used it, and made it better than before. Besides, do you REALLY think we came up with the stealth technology for stealth bombers by ourselves? Of course not!
I think we'll be finding out what the Roswell incident really was, now that the people who used to work with the government and knew that information are retired, and the government can't really do much about it. (Yay for old people!)
My dad, believes that the government has a working UFO...he used to work with the air force, but I don't think I'm supposed to tell this story...but there is one I can tell. (I think) While my dad was in the air force, during the time he was stationed in North Dakota, he said that they would scramble jets after "something", which it was unknown what it was...this mostly happened at night, during my dad's shift. They would keep scrambling them, but come back with nothing...the unknown object would dissapear before they got to it. Strange things seem to happen up north, where there's not many lights...that's why I want to go to college there, maybe I can find something there. Yea, so...well, UFOs are cool...bye!
I have only told this story to one other person, and he continues to think I am crazy. But, about 7 or 8 years ago I worked at night as a waitress. And, back then I smoked, well, me and a girl that I worked with went out to the dock to smoke a cigarette, and we noticed a very brite "Star" in the sky, while we were looking at it, it all of a sudden flew extremely fast forward and then reversed direction and flew backwards, and then puff, it was gone. Let me tell you, that was NO star.

I am very open minded about these things, I can't say ET's don't or do exist. But, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they do
i know this thread is kinda old too, but ive seen two instances of UFO's so far in my life. the first time was when i had first moved up to my new house, me and my brother were flying a kite, and well we kinda let it go. we ended up chasing it 2 miles down the road where it finally got caught in a tree. but anyway as we were chasing it we got about halfway to where it finally got caught, and i saw these three objects, just kind of hovering but going in a tight circle together high up in the air, i made my brother look too and he didnt know either, but we definetly thought they were UFO's. this was in broad daylight too.

the second time was when i finally decided to go to bed late one night, and i was looking out my window at the stars, because i just like to watch them for shooting stars. i then saw this object, Bright like a flashlighs color but moving rapidly across the sky, not exactly zigzagging but Darting to one place, and then to another, and then it was gone. i was practically crying i was so scared!!! lol i had real trouble going to sleep for a few nights after that...

im only 20 so i hope to see more later in my life... as scary as they are, id like more comformation that they really are out there. we just cant be the only living life forms in all of the solar systems... we just cant.
I had an experience once, probably close to seven years ago or so by now, if not more. My mom had a house in a rural area with a lot of land, it was a great place, big pool, hot tub, pond, etc. etc. During the summer, my friends and I would hang out there for the entertainment. A long time good friend of mine and I were skinning dipping (I know it's weird, but we were and are straight, I'm married now alright, it was just more relaxing like that out in the cool summer night). There were others inside the home, but no one else out there with us.

It was just like any other night, he had his glasses off, and is nearly blind without them, but he didn't want to risk losing them in the pool in the middle of the night. I believe we both may have had a drink or two, if so he would have had more than me. So we were just chilling, swimming, talking about life and probably women, when in the distance, where there was an opening in the woods right before the cliff that lead down to a river, I saw this blue illumination. It was kind of shining up like a fire might, but it was pure blue and shining stronger than I think a fire would or ever could. It was reaching so high on the trees. Now by no means were either of us drunk, or even close, I never drink that much and my friend did not on that night.

I tried to point this out to my friend like "dude check that out, what is that?" He couldn't see it (again without his glasses he is legally blind). At that time I think it may have died down a little, but I can't say that for sure. I do know that he didn't see it, and so we continued. Now this is where it got weird (besides the fact that the two of us were naked together in a pool). Some time passed, I would estimate a half hour to an hour. I had seemingly forgotten about it, and he never saw it so he wasn't concerned in the first place, my initial reaction was really just interest and amusement, I wasn't concerned, just curious.

All of the sudden I noticed it was back, and brilliant as ever. I tried to get my friend to notice it again. This time he did see it, and either he got his glasses to see it better or got them to see it period. He was quite blown away by it just as I was. Neither of us heard anything or saw anything before hand, and it wasn't quite like anything we had seen before. So here we are, naked in the pool, staring at some unfamiliar light in the woods. We were both extremely entertained by it. So we just watched the light and talked about such things as UFOs and whatever. The light again was just unlike anything we had seen before. It didn't flicker or waver like a fire might, and it was blue through and through. A lighter blue, but blue nonetheless.

But as we were admiring it, we started to hear noises in the distance, in the general direction of it. Now that began to disturb us a bit. Now my mom's property was set up like this, let's see if I can describe this well here...there was the front yard, than the house, than the pool and hot tub and stuff in the beginning of the "back yard." Then there was a brief section of woods, then there was an opening with a pond, and then a larger section of woods up until the cliff that lead down to the river that I mentioned before.

Now the light and the noises were coming from the distant woods as I said. What freaked us out was that the noises began to sound like they were coming closer. There were branches and leaves and stuff crunching, cracking, and crumbling, seemingly underneath footsteps. The pace would change, it would quicken, slow down, stop, etc. etc. Now we were scared, but we weren't completely freaked out just yet. Everything went quiet, and then we heard noises in the first section (smaller section) of woods. Again the pace was changing, but we didn't give it much time. We decided to swim to the deck at the count of three, grab our shorts, and jet inside WHILE we put them on. We were scared out of our minds. We stopped focusing on the light as we started to hear the noises. Somewhere along the lines the light disappeared. We were sincerely panicked, not even excited, just scared. We tried to get some of the others to go out with us, but everyone was more interested in their own things they had going on and/or figured we were just playing.

That story sticks in my mind, we looked for some signs of something being there, but there was nothing, at least not that we saw. No ashes from a fire or imprints from something landing. It was strange, and it was most definitely true. I just don't know what we truly heard or saw, and I will always wonder, as will my friend.

I think there is a definite possibility that there are others out there, and I myself would even like that, though the backlash would be widespread with how we would react and how it would affect religious beliefs and so on. I would like to know what we saw that night, I just hate having things unanswered. It was a different experience, and one I probably won't experience again, though I would like to find out for sure whether or not there is certain proof that there are intelligent lifeforms on other planets that have come to us. Alright, that is my story, I hope it was interesting.
I cannot say I can be left out of this one, or my wife for that matter. We both saw one when we were driving on the 405 in Orange county. It was quite a dark night, a blue/green object streaked over the sky at an incredible speed.

My wife has a story of her own, she was in a restaurant with her sister and father, they witnessed a UFO flying at great speed and had great maneuverability. They were outside eating, along with over 30 other people watching, to this day her sister denies ever seeing it.

Here were we live east of San Diego, we have witnessed one craft a couple of times. We were taking the offramp of the highway as we were returning home, off to the north above the mountains was a ship wit two very large lights. It was about 4:40 pm, so not dark at all, I decided to turn around and drive out closer to the craft to get a better look. It was not moving, we watched this thing for a good 10 minutes hovering, so I figured we can get somewhat closer as it was maybe 15 miles away. At this point it decided to leave, maybe it knew we were coming, it headed northeast over the hills very smoothly and slowly so we thought. The speed was remarkable, yet did not zip off like many UFOs do. We have seen this craft a couple of times now. Odd things are abound here with the military being so close.

I have seen aerial views of Area 51, I will link a website, from what I have learned it is no longer in use because it is far too well known, but the government has another base we do not know about for the purpose of paranormal studies and aircrafts. http://www.fas.org/irp/overhead/groom.htm

A website I enjoy greatly is www.coasttocoastam.com odd stuff and many great pictures there.