Turkeys in our walking path - 10/30/2022


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Feb 3, 2002
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Connie and I have been taking walks for exercise around the path we cleared on our property. Probably good for both of us, me recovering from my heart attack, and her just needing some fresh air and exercise while undergoing her chemo treatments. We had been walking up and down the road, but with this drought we are going through, that sandy road gets way too dusty when a vehicle drives by. With Connie being on chemo, I don't think it is a real good idea for her to be breathing all that dust that gets kicked up and airborne. So we have been making multiple loops around the path instead. Each loop is roughly a half mile start to finish, and we will usually do 3 or 4 loops each time. The terrain is a little variable in elevation (for Florida, anyway), so it is a pretty good walk to get the heart pumping.

Anyway, I decided to set out a game camera to see if anything else has been using the walking path, and caught a group of turkeys using it on 10-30-2022. Yeah, I know, the video shows 2021, but that is incorrect. Guess I need to fix that the next time I pull out the memory card to check it.

Actually thought I would see more critters on the path, but surprisingly that hasn't been the case. At least not yet.

Oh, at the end of this video, apparently Connie and I were walking up to take our walk and spooked a few of the turkeys that will still in the area. They high tailed it down the path away from us.

We get turkeys up here in NJ all the time, for the last month we've had a group of about 20 (3 hens and the rest the young of this year)going by everyday at dusk.
Try putting out some vanilla flavoring where the camera is aimed, the scent often pulls in curious mammals as it's new.