The waiting game!


Resident Demon
Resident Demon
Dec 25, 2005
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Grand Blanc, MI
This is my second year breeding. The first year was a late start, and only got two clutches each from three of my girls and 1 from the other. Now that I have more females ready (age/size). I'm finding waiting for the eggs to hatch is not as bad as last year. I think it's the excitement of finding eggs more often and having more Leos to care for and love, has helped the waiting game. Did/Has anyone else notice this? Obviously if you've got something very unique cooking that may take it's toll.

I'm trying to forget that two of the girls laying right now are poss het RW that I'm trying to prove out. And to see if my male that became prolapsed, was infact successful in his mating that caused the prolapse. Then to see next year if he can produce after having one hemipense removed.

Either way I'm not as stressed this year as I was last. I'm noticing more things that I didn't know to look for, and I'm enjoying the knowledge that I have gained, and still gain every day. :)
Ya, the thing that helps me the most is having my gekos there. I cant stand waiting for the geckos to lay/hatch. Sometimes i wish they gave live birt, but determining their sex is always a plus. :toiletcla
Patience is the hardest part. For me it has been a lot easier this year due to the fact that school predominates my entire life lol. Staying busy is a good way not to think about things, then again I still have about a month and a half before my first eggs hatch so... :p