For Sale Texas-Bound November 17th!! Get Your orders in and ready for transport!!


Aug 9, 2010
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Central City, PA, USA
Greetings Everyone,

For those who were a part of the first itinerary last week, or at least followed the corresponding 'Texas-Bound November 3rd!!' ad (, Lois and I are stickin' to it and returning to The Lone Star State again on November 17th (actual arrival = 18th)!! For those who are unaware of what all of this pertains to, please read my original ‘(VENOMOUS) ANIMAL DELIVERY SERVICE’ ad posted on September 4:

The positive feedback and immense support from all five (5) Sellers and 10 Customers on the debut run was phenomenal, and Lois and I are optimistic for this to become even better!! You can read five (5) Replies on the first 'Texas-Bound' ad linked above, and there would have been more if allowed. I will detail how the process works which is quite simple honestly, but preferably over a phone call as I don’t have much time to type these days. Still; if I can find a moment later this week, I will bullet-point the process in a nutshell somewhere in this ad.

As of November 17, we have 12 Pickups/Deliveries lined up so far; see photos 2-4, and a Reply with two (2) more photos, for Google Maps screen captures of the current itinerary (id est, more Pickups/Deliveries will hopefully be added which could slightly alter the itinerary, but which all Sellers and Customers will be apprised of renewed ETAs):

Saturday, 11/14:
*Three (3) Pickups in South Carolina (not depicted)
*Delivery to Pocono Lake, PA (from 11/14 Pickup; not depicted)
Tuesday, 11/17:
A. Delivery (from 11/14 Pickup)
Wednesday, 11/18:
B. Pickup x 2
C. Pickup
D. Pickup x 4
E. Pickup + Delivery (from 11/14 Pickup)
Thursday, 11/19:
F. Delivery (from D. Pickup)
G. Delivery (from D. Pickup)
H. Delivery (from B. Pickup)
Friday, 11/20:
I. Delivery (from D. Pickup)
J. Pickup
K (“A”). Delivery (from J. Pickup)
Saturday, 11/21:
L (“B”). Delivery (from B. Pickup)
M (“C”). Delivery (from D. Pickup)
N (“D”). Delivery (from E. Pickup)
Sunday, 11/22:
O (“E”). Delivery (from C. Pickup)
P (“F”). Home

Nota Bene: Google Maps Stop times show to be sooner, therefore the overall itinerary to be completed a lot sooner, based on nonstop driving, and though we drive nonstop, being realistic based on our first itinerary, I have adjusted for later days/times in creating more accurate ETAs. As Pickups/Deliveries are added, such as two (2) post-departure, again, ETAs may or may not be affected.

Please share these ads like wildfire! The more shipments the merrier! And as far as payment options ($125), it is preferable for the Customer (Recipient) to pay me directly, but one Seller on the first itinerary chose to pay me for two of his three Customers instead, as did one Seller on this itinerary. Payment will be due upon securing the shipment from the Seller, whether from the Customer (preferable) or the Seller. My payment option details:

Zelle: [email protected]
Venmo: Burzum999
PayPal: PayPal.Me/Burzum999/125 (main site), or send to [email protected] (app, mobile site)
Square: *Over the phone unless You trust credit card details or photos via email or text which I would immediately delete, but this is NOT recommended*

Lois & I thank You in advance for Your (continuing) patronage, especially in the wake of Delta’s dreadful return on Veteran’s Day (11/11)! (We offer so many benefits to our service including daily inspections with daily photos and videos sent as proof [Customers loved this!], live arrival guarantee [ask for terms or details], no special crating nor IATA labels, flexibility and versatility including able to change course last minute, et cetera.)


Timothy Gould
Obscure Gems Reptiles
[email protected]
Cell: (413) 427-4832


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Updated itinerary 11/13 (fourth screen capture)

Fourth screen capture of updated itinerary 11/13. Seven (7) Pickups/nine (9) Deliveries thus far!! Spread the word and keep’em comin’!!


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Updated itinerary 11/17

Fourth and fifth screen captures of updated itinerary 11/17. Eight (8) Pickups/10 Deliveries thus far!! Spread the word and keep’em comin’!!


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Itinerary final draft

Fourth and fifth screen captures of updated itinerary 11/18, with two (2) Pickups/Deliveries added post-departure yesterday. Twelve (12) Deliveries thus far!! Spread the word and keep’em comin’!!


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