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Nov 25, 2004
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upstate NY
I tried to teach one of my bullsnakes to chase his tail...but he was better at it than my dogs & quickly mastered the trick


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That looks more like one o them thar Hoop Snakes than a bullsnake. Don't them bullsnakes have horns?
You know one of my retics did this last week and what made it classic is that the rat she missed (despite my best efforts) had sprung back to life and took off across the cage and she was chasing him with her tail in her mouth and only let it go when she had him cornered(you could see the teeth rip out, didnt look like fun at all). It was definately hilarious though. Dan M.
Yeah, the dumbass actually held on for a while...long enough for me to decide to take the pic, go get the camera (putting the batteries in as I walked back), and take the shot. He was just letting go when I took the pic.
Another reason I like bullsnakes - they act like womas at feeding time: open mouth, point & go...missed? swing head til something is hit, bite & hold on.
You know half the time I wonder how the hell these animals survive in the wild. I have had snakes that if you didnt put the food in their mouths they would never find it. It is unbelievable sometimes. Dont get me wrong, they are incredible animals but sometimes I dont know about them. I used to have a snake that ate on his back. I would throw in a fuzzie rat he would flip over on his back and then strike it and eat on his back after barrel-rolling around the cage for like 10 minutes while he constricted. When you have owned snakes for years it takes an idiot like that to make watching them eat worthwhile lol, never had more laughs. The only other interesting feeder I had was a male Everglades rat that ate rat fuzzies alive backwards without constricting lol, they screamed the whole way down, it was almost sad to a point, and he did it all the time. He was a weirdo to say the least. Later, Dan M.
I have had people ask me how smart snakes are. My response is: They are one of the few animals in the world that can, and sometimes will, crap on their own head. :rofl:
WebSlave said:
I have had people ask me how smart snakes are. My response is: They are one of the few animals in the world that can, and sometimes will, crap on their own head. :rofl:

I have tried this with little success myself lol j/k. There are some species that are intelligent(as far as snakes go), but even those seem to be a bit quirky. Like retics are smart, but everyone I have ever owned will lay in its own crap and get it all over them, and then get pissy when you try to clean it up. My favorite was a burm of mine that tried to musk me all the time and one time I saw her flinging the tail around and pushed it away quickly at which time she shot herself right in the face then got mad and bit herself right near the vent, so you know she got it in her mouth. Needless to say when she hit about 8/9 feet and still hadnt grown out of it I got rid of her. No one likes to smell like that lol, and to think I bought her from a pet store becuase she wasnt being taken care of, and thats the thanks I get. Oh well. Dan M.
Well at least they only lay in it, and occasionally may crap on themselves ...but at least they don't eat their own crap like some other animals that are supposed to be more intelligent :rofl: