Snake Show and Tell in San Diego


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May 29, 2019
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Julian, CA
My name is Wayne Wilcoxen and I have been doing an informal snake show here in Julian, CA. I have a nice snake cart and am able to travel with 8 - 12 snakes in and around San Diego. I basically take my snakes out one at a time and talk about each one. I answer questions and let people touch them when appropriate. Some snakes are even available to handle. My snakes are all very tame and used to being in public. My collection has been put together to cover many types, patterns, colors and sizes. My show collection:

Banded Cal King "Marlowe", Coastal Rosy Boa "Diana", Ruthvens King Snake "Rose", Banana/Spider/Pied Ball Python "Lisa", Okeetee Corn "Cosmo", Kunashir Island Japanese Rat "Vesper", Northern Pine "Jasper", Black Pine "Winslow", Red Bull Snake "Picasso", Jungle Carpet Python "Yindi", Boa Constrictor Longicauda "Lucy", Coastal Carpet Python (7 - 8 ft) "Martha", Emerald Tree Boa "Emma".
Almost every time I do a show, some kid will ask me, "Do you have a 'Gardener' snake?" Well, I do now. Two Oregon Red-Spotted garters and a Lake Chapala garter snake.
My most recent addition is a really nice Merauke Scrub Python that has not been in the show yet but should be soon.

So you see, I have an eclectic collection. Interesting enough (I hope) for even the experienced snake lover.
I usually do pop-up shows around Julian on weekends.
I will be doing a regular once a month appearance at Julian Hard Cider starting this month. The second Saturday of every month will be "Snake Saturday" at Julian Hard Cider in Wynola. Come visit if you live in San Diego and want to meet me and my snakes.
If you want to book an appearance, email me at [email protected]
Thank you. Wayne


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By the way, I am a nice person who actually smiles! I just noticed that this picture of me is not very inviting. I look a Little too serious. But it IS a pretty good picture of my snake show cart!