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Feb 2, 2005
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I have one for snakes that was given to me by Laura Fopiano and it works great. For those males that are a bit hesitant to mate with the female. Use a fresh shed from another adult males (a shed with sperm plugs would probably work best) and toss it in with your male that isn't being too aggressive to mate.

I cannot verify that this pastel male successfully locked up with the female I paired him with back in January. Now, I have had the two seperated for almost a month and I saw that my Suriname Boas have been active mating. The temps have changed a lot lately so I decided to try putting my pastel male back with my big female. Though I held off doing so for almost two weeks, I had a breeding male that was in shed. Last night around 8:30pm I came home and the breeding male finally shed, it was still moist when I tossed the fresh shed in with my big female(okay even on top of her). I then moved my pastel male in with her. Within two hours, as I walked passed their cage, I noticed that the pastel male was on top of the big female courting. So I am hoping this does the trick.

Thanks Laura!!

Share your ideas, what works for you to get those reptiles going?
That is a good tip. If anyone has other tips like this I'd also like to read them. Thanks