Bad Guy Scam Artist Keven Vogenberger

"Well why don't you BITE ME FOR FREE PHILIP"

Or for free I can offer some unvarnished truth, you went to a known scumbag to purchase animals because you don't have the expendable income to purchase from upstanding breeders (and their slightly higher costs). These animals will need continued monetary inputs in order to provide ethical, and proper, husbandry and medical needs and that can be difficult to someone who is on a tight budget................Stamps don't need continued care (monetary or otherwise).
Oh well Boi not you Ed is full of Trolls that just wait for people to chastise someone who's just trying to have a hobby that an older handicapped person, was a nice Zero Dragon what can I say will only sell them for $100 to bring the ridiculous price people sell a dragon for
And KISSES to you Phil but when I was your age I didn't and still won't Troll people like you do so relax and give me A HUGG ?
Hopefully you will be as good a MAN as me when you get my age also I was born and raised in Miami Florida Everglades at my back door all my life forgot more about reptiles than you my friend will ever know have a Great Day Phil and buy some stamps
Sorry I ruined your day this is why I don't usually read BOI alotta Trolls on here Phil so hadn't read that much about Keven and he was great when I called and talked about Dragons he knew his stuff and sent me great Zero dragon also I brought from him on also got a lottla friends on here right Jason, Kayla
Wow Phil looked on facebook see that you are a great breeder of reptiles keep up the good work also do you know where I can get a Eastern hognose juvenile male red phase thank you Old Dave
David, I do not think, seeing as how this is a classified site, that you are going to get criticized for trying to find a good deal on a critter.

Is it possible that those who criticize Keven have other issues with him than just his pricing? I think they do, and I see no evidence that those criticisms apply to you.

David I think the BOI has all kinds of people in it.
I have seen time and time again where someone who is looking for a nice pet but does not have zillions of dollars, is given an especially good deal, in fact in some situations here I have seen animals donated as gifts to those who could not otherwise have them.
I am happy for you, that you have a beautiful dragon you can be proud of. Keep an open mind, if you would, going forward, because as time goes on, different facets of a seller, whatever facets those might be, may increase in importance to you.
This is true Lucille and I will Keep an open mind for sure and working with my reptiles no matter what they cost keeps me constantly working and moving that is what my hurting body needs and my mind too. Thank you for reaching out I'm not poor but a pension and SS gets ruff sometimes I'm not a breeder just love reptiles that kinda says it all getting off of this so I don't get my self in trouble. Have a great rest of day and evening OLD DAVE
Keven was arrested after stealing supplies and feeders from a pet shop. Perhaps his cheap prices are because they're "hot goods" he needs to dump due to the ongoing investigation? In any case, I'm glad you had a good experience, but in the future there are so many legitimate breeders out there (and not just flippers and peddlers like Keven) that you would be better off working with people who actually care about and work toward a positive reputation in this hobby. To be frank, we don't need thieves like Keven in our hobby, or any hobby for that matter.

As a reminder, here is one press release:
this is why I don't usually read BOI

David, it is true what Vanessa says about Keven, but even prior to that he has been caught in numerous lies here, he has tried to sell a critter that was obviously ill , etc. and has threatened to euthanize his own animals if the reviews here interfered with his sales.

No one is going to judge you for trying to find a good deal here on Fauna. However, if you continuously buy from people who are unethical, that is different.

After looking through your past posts it appears that you have purchased from another seller who appears to have had issues with honesty. I think you should start reading the BOI reviews and making more informed choices. A single innocent purchase from a seller is one thing, but if you habitually and knowingly support those who have a history of cheating others, people may begin to view you under a different light.
David, no worries. I know you had a spat in here but I hope it doesn't affect your opinion too negatively about the BOI. The BOI does have an important function in that it's a permanent record keeper of positive and negative buyers and sellers. I understand impulse buys, I've certainly done a few myself in the past, but I know simply search buyers and sellers on here before I do business with them. It's saved me from being burned at least once already.
He has a case management meeting on May 5th

Heck I messed that up! lol

He has a case management meeting on May 5th

Don't know if pet store will be made whole but lawyers and courts making out like bandits.
How long do you have wc reptiles for? Are you a breeder or a reseller? Do you take your wc to a vet? Just putting them in your quarantine doesn't count or them eating. Most reptile sickness/diesease/death takes several months. Eating during a short term period of owning means nothing. People sometimes are embarrassed or doubt themselves is reason they don't come forward they always trust us that's why anyone spends money on you. Outback reptiles is legendary for this practice. Most people experience through them takes around 8 months leading to almost certain death. That is not owners that is the seller. Reason is simple they bring in untreated reptiles from the wild from all over the place don't keep them long enough to see problems. I'm not saying it's wrong but it is very risky and 9 out of 10 times when all this gets said it's hard to look past the person selling wc animals. I can't speak for this person and if she housed an adult with baby I agree is dumb but understand people may not know everything on reptiles that doesn't make them stupid to life. Most people know what they are going to hear. It's never the seller. Very seldom will you ever hear a seller or breeder actually admit there faults or issues. I am a breeder but I have never had good experiences with wc from someone else. There is multiple people having seemingly the same experiences. I'm truly not trying to judge you at all. I am questioning the actual methods you are using.