Red Ear Slider


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My red ear slider has like a furry dead skin type stuff on his skin hanging off, there's nothing wrong, but he is a little snappy, and i want to know if i should remove it, thank you.
Sounds as if it could be different things, but mostly sounds like a fungal or other type of skin infection to me. Only a guess without seeing the turtle. If it is skin sloughing off that is infected, pulling it off may make the area where it is still connected worse. Sounds like it may need a trip to a knowledgeable turtle person or to a vet.
If someone in the know tells you it is a fungal infection, there are dips and baths that can be used to help rid the turtle of it, but use only something made for a water turtle or that you are certain will be tolerated by a turtle.
What color is it?Is it white & fuzzy?Is it green like algae?Or is it actual skin?If you try to remove it(assuming its not the green/algae stuff)does it reveal red or pinkish flesh?
It sounds like junior isn't spending much time on the basking platform.Sounds a little heavy for a normal shed.
It looks like............

just normal dead skin, but it wont come off by itself, i dont want to remove it manually because im still not sure what it is, but it looks as if a human had sunburn and dead skin was coming off, but its been there for a while now.
no no no

don't pull it off. it sounds like a fungus to me. it would be best for you and him to take a visit to the veterinarian. if you pull it off it may become infected and REALLY be a seriouse problem that may require a heavey sum of money to fix. Just ask your vet. Good luck!

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