Pete @ Incredible Pets, good guy?


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Oct 29, 2002
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Just an inquiry. I read some good stuff from the BOI, but wanted some recent info. Thanks!
I would personally NEVER buy an animal there.

I live about an hour or less from the Incredible Pets store in Melbourne. I personaly would never buy an animal there, to be honest I wouldn't even buy feeders there anymore. Everytime I have been in the store I get more and more shocked when I see the husbandry practices. There are ALWAYS mixed species in the enclosures like Beardie babies mixed with Collard lizards. The last time we were there only as we visit because the KOI and pond shop we like which is in the same plaza, we saw poor baby Leopard geckos in a tank with a large Veiled Chameleon and some actually had feces from the chameleon dropping on thier heads. The thing that really turned me off them was about a year ago when we saw a Chondro with such severe mouth rot it couldn't even close it's mouth, and no this wasn't in the quarentine room or in the back of the store, but it was on display and do to the 'imperfection' it was offered half off at $250 and still for sale. Those are the reasons I wouldn't buy do to the animals conditions. I also don't care for the business practices and they way they treat customers. We had a show in Melbourne some 2 years ago and we were out of crickets and I wanted everyone to feed the night before the show. We called Incredible Pets from Titusville about an hour away and asked if they had a box of 1000 crickets availible. They said yes and said they would hold it for us until we got there. When we got there noone seemed like they knew a thing we were talking about. So I asked to speak to the owner being Pete of course. He came over and we told him of what happened. He said that he didn't have a box of 1000 but woud gladly sell us as many up too 1000 in orders consisting of 12. 12 for a 1$ each no less. So basically if we wanted 1000 crickets that we would have to pay one dollar for each 12. Anyhow to make a story short we went to the Melbourne show the next day and guess who was there with over 10 boxes of 1000 crickets for sale!!! Yep the owner himself who told me less than 12 hours earlier he couldn't spare it. Never the less I will never buy or recommend anyone to purchase form them both for the lack of professionalism as well as the quality of the animals. Mike B.
That sounds like a horrible experience!
On the flip side I can only say positive things about them.
Both Pete and at least one of his employees have always treated me extremely well and went out of their way to ensure my satisfaction.
Two seperate instances stand out.
1. I was looking for a mature male Indian Star tortoise and advised them to keep a lookout at one of the shows they would be attending. Low and behold I received a call from them while they were at the show telling me they had found a likely candidate.
After talking to the owner of the animal I decided to purchase it but had no way of getting them immediate payment. Pete purchased the animal with his own money and shipped it to me BEFORE even receiving payment from me!

2. I found a particular animal in southern Florida that I was very interested in. This particular transaction was for a large sum of money and I was a little leary of sending payment to someone I didn't know.
After speaking with Incredible Pets about my concerns, Pete and one of his employees drove 3 hours down to where the seller was located to visually inspect the animal for me.
Pete was interested in a few animals that seller was moving out and never even asked for compensation!
I have to say that I have never been as pleased with customer service as I have with this outfit.
Thanks for reading
Jackie Lapradd
Doesn't suprise me....

Please don't get me wrong, as I have also heard many good things about Pete and his establishment. Just the past few experiences have really turned me off that store. I hate to paint a picture like every single animal is dying there or anything, I just have different standards I suppose in my husbandry. Mike B.

Now I'm even more confused if I should buy or not!!

Thanks for the honest responses!
Hey Katt,

I too am utterly shocked at what happened with Mike! I have supplied Pete with animals for well over ten years now and in my opinion he has one of the finest establishments I have ever seen. I have never seen a 'pet shop' take care of the animals as well as Pete and his employees do. I do see different species in the same enclosure occasionally but collared lizards and beardies both live in the same climate so I personally see no harm in mixing the two together. When that is done it is in such a large enclosure (4'X4'X2') that they do really well. Mike, sorry to hear about your horrible experiences but that sounds like the Pete I have never met or even heard of. He sells crickets in 50 and 100 lots all day long so the 12 for a dollar thing seems very weird to me, I just can't see why he would do it. That would be $83.33 for 1000 crickets....................I just can't see that. Sorry about your experience but I would have to do nothing but highly recommend Incredible Pets for purchases.

Ghi Reptiles
Matt once again it doesn't suprise me...


I understand your reasoning for the Collards and Beardies together as they do come from similar climates. But would you want to purchase a Beardie that has been exposed to over 50 other animals from a totally different continent? It's not the climates I would be concerned of but the transfer of intestinal flora from one species to another which would normally NEVER meet in the wild. When you take home your nice CBB Beardie you'll probably be taking home a wide variety of parasites from the WC Collards they were kept with. Even with a enclosure 4 X 2 X 2 or larger with only say one Beardie with 50 WC Collards, what do you think the odds are that the Beardie will come in contact with some foreign fecal matter??? I would say it's a pretty good chance. As for some of the other animals I have seen there "discounted" you couldn't PAY ME to take them within 5 square miles from my collection, heck, I wouldn't even allow those animals in my quarentine room. As for the cricket thing, yea it doesn't make much sense to treat a customer like that at all. There for you can really see why i'm turned off that store entirely. Mike B.
Pete @ Incredible pets

I have always had a good repore with pete. He has helped me and my business get aninals over and over again. He even recently bent over backward to sell me a gravid green anaconda for a rediculiously low price. I was not happy with it at first and he was more than willing to make the price right for me. He had it sonagrammed and everything prior to sale. If anyone has bad things to say about pete and his store I recommend that you go visit some of his competetors firs ie Jack's Pets and Pet Bazzarr. Everyone has bad nasty days in this business. But that does not mean that the animals that he or she has are all bad. Not all imported animals are perfect. Oh by the way the anaconda spit out 26 babies the next day. Thax Pete!!! Josh @ FYB Exotics
Incredible Pets

It never suprises me that with thousands of satisfied customers there are one or two who ,no matter what, can't be satisfied. In the ten years of retailing reptiles we have strived to be the best we can be and honestly there are times I wish we could be better. But it's hard to see exagerated and false critisism. Sometimes I guess if you can't compete with a company that dominates your area it may seem a good idea to talk badly about them to maybe help your cause,but it has'nt been our experience that it will be benificial in the end.
To clear up the unusual circumstances surrounding Mother Gecko's problem we may want to first explore the truth. The cricket incident first-3 years ago we had a show in town that Mother gecko is refering to. -We sell 15-17 thousand crickets weekly to our customers and as a customer you can order 500 or 1000 crickets from us which we will gladly get for you 2 times a week when prepaid. Some how when asked if we sell or could sell 1000 crickets the info was misunderstood to mean we had them in stock unfortunately that was not the case. Mother gecko did'nt want to take no for an answer after driving to our store (about 1 mi. from the show). I refused to short my customers because of Mother's lack of preparation and told them the crickets were not available because I did not want to run short of what we know we sell weekly._Mother was'nt happy-I did not take 10 boxes to the show that afternoon as Mother incorrectly states but took 3 thousand for customers that did prepay and were to pick up there.After 3 years I would think that Mother would let it go but I guess not.
About the bearded dragons and collard lizards-With more Lizard experience it would be plain to Mother that Crotaphytus(those are collard lizards mother)are lizard eaters and no matter how well we are doing we would not be feeding our Collard Lizards bearded dragon babies.The only time we have mixed these two is when we had hatched out just under 100 Crotaphytus babies and housed our captive born babies with babies of the same size bearded dragons NEVER have we had 50 wild caught collard lizards in this store. A note for information about intestinal parasites for Mother gecko-if you feed crickets to your lizards they have internal parasites. We have done fecals on 8 of the top cricket farm's crickets which all showed positive for pinworm as well as pathogenic bacteria. Mixing species that are both captive is the least of your worries.
About veiled chameleons and leopard geckos -before you bash us maybe you should point out that even places like Sandfire Dragon ranch experiments with mixed species in captivity like bearded dragons and whites tree frogs as well as Veileds. And in this case they were both babies -a point you forgot to mention.
Mouth rot green tree python.-Everyone knows reptiles are not your specialty Mother but the emerald tree boa you refer to was one dropped off to us with a respiratory infection. It was reduced in price with the information about it's condition it was purchased by a friend and not only fully recovered but is a hansome part of his breeding collection.
Sometimes the other side of the story may be suprisingly different than you might expect.I think it's great that we live in a country where anyone ,even someone that dos'ent know what they are talking about, can say whatever they want -I would'nt have it any other way

First off you will need to post your Entire name (first and last) on your post otherwise it can be deleted according to the rules of the site (in case you have not read them you should so you are aware of the rules of this site) . You can add your name into your signature by clicking on the button named user cp which is at the top of the page and then add it into your signature area. Second, In regards to mike and the Cricket incident, if you only took 3 thousand (3 boxes) crickets to the show then why did you have boxes upon boxes behind and on your table at the show? I witnessed this (the boxes on and behind your table) first hand as I also was a vendor at the show. Third, on the Emerald Tree your talking about you admit the animal had an infection (Whether it is URI or Stomatitis) you admit you had the animal up for sale in that condition for the general public to see. Why would anyone try and sell an animal that is sick (and they are fully aware of it) ? It does not matter if you put it up for sale at 1/10 of the original price it should not have been for sale in that condition to the general public. If you wanted to make a deal to a friend or colleague then you do that out of the public view.
Also on your comment
Everyone knows reptiles are not your specialty Mother
where did you get that idea from? Everyone knows that Geckos (which are reptiles) are Mike and Erica's specialty. They may not have a store front but they produce some of the nicest Leopard Geckos and other geckos on the market today hands down. Your comment shows me that it was a cheap shot at trying to tarnish their reputation because they spoke about what they saw first hand and about how they were treated and try to make yourself look better.
Well first off assuming that this is Pete the owner of Incredible Pets, seeing how you didn't leave your full name as the board rules state. You can first off refer to me as Mike, Michael, or Mr. Beberman rather than Mother, we all get the point. Taking shots at me is hardly appropriate, as I have only put out true events which you have verified, the mixing of species, the half off sale sick ETB or GTP, and the now infamous cricket conflict. The cricket thing is just an example of the customer service I recieved from you directly. I would have no problem shaking hands, agreeing to disagree, and put it fully in the past if you were to just simply state that you could have handled it better. As for the Chondro or ETB, it looked so bad I couldn't believe it was alive rather for sale, and I would personally NEVER offer an animal like that to anyone except a Vet or a Rehaber, never the less have a half off sale on it. "Reptiles not my specialty" hmmm another attack for what reason?? Pete as for your business affecting mine, yours couldn't possibly. For one I offer animals with a guarentee and one on one customer service that you, as a large store could never offer to your customers. Secondly as such a small business the $$$ isn't everything to me, i'm in it for the geckos man. I also work full time as a naturalist on an Eco Tour, as well as being a student working on my Biology degree. I have set up a forum just for my customers as well as any reptile enthusiast to help with any questions or comments. I also now maintain a toll free number so my customers may reach me with any problems or for any help at no cost to them. Maybe we just have differnt motivators here. I will just leave this as a unhappy customer whom won't be returning to your store for any reason. I have nothing against you personally Pete, we just seem to disagree in our husbandry, and business eithics.
Mike, Michael, or Mr. Beberman
Incredible Pets

I'm a little new at this bashing game Rob so I did'nt have my name on the post -
This Is Pete from Incredible Pets,
I guess you are a good friend of Mother Gecko ,Rob to come to his rescue and make up the story about the cricket boxes -I TOOK 3 Thousand crickets to the show the other boxes did'nt have crickets in them -How would you know how my inventory was housed at the show -And as far as selling animals of questionable quality Rob I've seen some wild caught chameleons at your table that I would not display in my store-some people might question an importers ethics importing wild chameleons like mellers and other african chameleons as lacking to begin with but that's your business. so without getting into a pissing match with you and your buds I'd say let everyone have thier opinion.Let the history of longevity show whos is a good supplier I've been around reptiles and amphibians for over 30 years. I've been retailing reptiles and amphibians for 10.What's your record?
Pete from Incredible Pets Inc.
There's no reason for lashing out at Rob like that if you have some beef with me. He saw what he saw, and If I am correct that was the show where hundreds of crickets got out into the show ballroom. Yes, Rob and I are friends as I tend to try to only associate with individuals whom are trustworthy and honest. Rob has some real 'incredible' pets of which some are in my personal collection. I have also purchased countless animals all have which meet my high standards. As for References of my character or business ethics feel free to read up on me right . Anyhow i'm done with this to get ready for the Orlando F.I.R.E. show. Feel free to come by my table and examine my animals for yourself.

Michael Beberman
Mother Gecko -Reptiles

This is not a bashing game by any means. It is an information site. And I let you know the information on posting your full name so your post would not get deleted and I guess you still could not understand that the requirement is full name (First and Last) on every post.
On how would I know how your inventory was housed at the show? By opening my eyes. I walk around the shows and view everything while at the show. So you are saying you only had 3 boxes of crickets and the rest of the cricket boxes were empty? Is that why the Promoter got upset at you when at your table somehow a box of crickets got kicked over and were refused to be picked up.
As far as the Chameleons on my tables, they have always been vet checked at the show and nothing is on my table nor sold to anyone that did not look 100% and healthy. And what would that have to do with you selling and admitting to selling a sick animal? Just another way of diverting the attention from your own ethics on placing that ETB up for sale while sick with a URI?
Also I have been around Reptiles and Amphibians for right at 30 years myself and have now been breeding reptiles for almost 10 and selling my reptiles for right at 5 years, and importing for almost 3. Also importing the species I do is no different than the species you import. I specialize in Chameleons and have great success with my importation of chameleons which is reflected by my reputation with them and the other reptiles I sell.
Rob and Mother gecko
From Pete -Incredible Pets Inc.

Seems like when the shoe is on the other foot you get a little sensitive. I've seem what I've seen at your table and experienced your quality first hand -that is why I have not purchased from you after the first purchase of your captive bred panther chameleons -(Did you think I forgot) Everything here I have read negative about me has been a cheap shot you have both exagerated and modified your storys to fit your intent. So when I voice my opinion don't get upset, realize that what you did was not exactly right ,you got your chance to bash me,you did, you just did'nt expect me to respond -and I would'nt have if dozens of friends had'nt alerted me to what you were up too.
Pete at Incredible Pets

No I did not think you had forgotten about purchasing baby Panthers from me. I had not offered you anything of mine for sale for many years after that and then only sent you a price list once or twice and not since. I am not sensitive about my animals at all. I am very proud to offer great animals and great customer service to my customers. No one was here trying to bash you but rather bring out information. Mike brought out his experience with you and your store and nothing else but that. I corroborated his story on the crickets as that is what I saw as well did many other people that visited that show. Maybe you only had 3 boxes that had crickets in them but with all the cricket boxes anyone would think otherwise. Also Neither Myself nor Mike are the ones that have made cheap shots at you but rather you made them at Mike. To be quite honest it does not affect my sales how you feel about me as most of my sales are online and at shows, and even from local customers I get plenty of sales (and even some of your employees have purchased from me).

Also so you can see it is not me nor anyone bashing you about your name, here is the quote from the Rules for posting on this site. Also below is a link directly to them for you.

ALL messages that are posted either for or against someone else, MUST have a full name to the post and a valid email address. ANY message that does not have both will be considered an anonymous posting and be subject to being deleted with NO warning. Identification is NOT required for someone making an inquiry or posting innocent INFO.
IP Good guys in my eyes...

I've been dealing with Pete Bandras & Incredible Pets for at least 7-8 years now and would just like to add that I've never been let down, ever. Although I've never personally visited the store I know that the animals I've purchased sight unseen from Pete have been nothing short of great! He has sent me some really beautiful and unique emerald tree boas as well as a few Amazons. Pete is a really nice guy and I always look forward to seeing him when I hit the Florida shows.

If you are considering dealing with Pete at Incredible Pets I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and fully plan on purchasing more animals in the future...

Good luck in your decision.

Danny Mendez
Reading through this thread I see two people that I WILL do business with and one person that I will NEVER do business with.

Pete has recieved good feed back from most people in this thread, and maybe if he stops talking and his posts are deleted he'll get some business from this inquiry. But as it stands now I can not see any reason to do business with a retail store that behaves in this manner.

And yes, I expect to now be on the recieving end of insults from Pete.

I'd be more respectful and call him Mister, but he still hasn't given his last name. I guess that does limit his accountability for the garbage he's spewing at some of the most respectable people in this community.

I'm sorry, this just is rediculous that a businessman can ruin his reputation over what has been a primarily positive or at least mature discussion.
ew.. ew.. ew.. me next!

Thought I'd throw my two cents in the ring here. I have both bought and sold to Pete, Rob, and Mike and Erica so I think I'm qualified. Here comes my opinion.

I have been to Pete's store several times and frankly been very impressed on every occasion. It is HUGE and has the largest selection of actual pets of any petstore I have ever been in. I felt his caging was good enough for what he was trying to do; sell animals. I also have no problem with him selling a B-grade animal as long as it was labeled as such. When I have had the opportunity to actually talk to Pete he comes across as an ok guy.

I have had two problems w/ Pete. One major, one minor. The minor one-last year I spoke to Pete on the phone about selling him some albino burmese babies. We came to terms and I drove down (2 1/2 hours) to the store. When I arrived Pete was in a meeting and "couldn't be disturbed," yet he had an employee walk back and forth between us for 10 minutes. Bringing the snakes back and forth, delivering messages, etc. Again not a big deal, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Major one- the escaped/kicked over crickets. That story is absolutely true and ended up costing me (someone who didn't let a 1000 crickets loose in the Hilton's ballroom) the ability to sell crickets at the next show. That cost me $$ and I wasn't real happy about it. Mistakes happen, but a little more "I'm sooooooooo sorry" would've helped a lot there. Instead it was more like "yeah, so what."

Mike and Erica have absolutely incredible animals in absolutely incredible cages. Without a doubt some of the nicest looking displays one will see anywhere. But that is what they do small numbers of animals given impeccable care. I'd talk about niches but then most of you would go to sleep. They are good at what they do, but it is not the same as what Pete does. Apples to oranges.

Rob is one of the most honest people in this industry. His animals are exactly what he says they are period. For Pete to even question his integrity was out of line (and I think he knows that). Does he sell imports? Absolutely, and every cage will say so. Hell, if you let him he'll bore you to tears telling you when and where it came from, what port it came out of, what the name of the native who caught it was, what the native ate for breakfast..... You get my point.

NOW BOYS, (AND GIRL), you three settle down and play nice, or I'm sending you all to the office! Whoops sorry, one more day of school and then NO MORE KIDS!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!