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Mar 6, 2014
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Atkinson NH
My experience has been Excellent.

1) on the website my zone was listed as this X shipping price (right on the line) they corrected it notified me of the error and only charged me the correct price.. I sent and paied for the higher amount they took the time to correct it and LET ME KNOW too!

2) noted my personal website (on my signature line) and took a moment to check MY info.. too... and took a personal moment to ask and comment.. hey not anything related to the their business but heck nice personal touch.. and frankly a very interesting conversation.. E-mail and online can be a very impersonal connection, but the not needed but very enjoyable hey "normal questions and conversation" was similar to a in person Store setting.. +++

3) product arrived as advertised, Excellent quality! shipped extremely well, as we had some SERIOUS temp issues was able to ship out sooner as they ensured the plants and isopods and springtails would be fine by (at their cost) put extra heat packs!

Will very much order again.. Recommend this vendor also!
Although not as experienced as most on "reptiles" etc.. the quality of their plants and their supplies, not to mention shipping and packaging is TOP notch.. something I have a LOT of experience with, Plants HEALTHY vibrant, disease and insect free.. excellent root development and ready to be repotted, stage... a overlooked and under appreciated point for many! not me.. Quality clean, potting medium.. and insects where packaged in CLEAN quality medium.. not oh I scooped out some crap from one of my other cages and put in cups I have experienced with other sources!

Thanks for your time