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Feb 3, 2002
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I had some trepidation with the way the polls were set up on the BOI Good Guy Certifications in that once someone voted, they would be completely unable to change their vote. Basically it is permanent. We have seen a few people who were apparently Good Guys change their stripes and go over to the dark side, so it concerned me that this could certainly happen, and then the poll results would no longer reflect reality.

So I asked my programmer to make a modification of the way the polls work. Effective today, people voting on those polls have the capability of deleting their previous vote, either to withdraw it completely, or to change their vote if the situation warrants it. I think with this change, the polls will better be able to reflect more accurately a person or business's standing then it could prior to this change.

The way you do this is that in the line below the poll stating that you have already voted on it, there is a link for you to delete your vote. Clicking on this will simply delete your vote, and you can either leave it that way (having withdrawn your opinion), or change your vote to reflect your new opinion.
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Thanks for finding a way to make that work, Rich! It's going to insure that the Certifications are accurate by allowing votes to stay up to date.
I was wondering when I voted on a few others polls if I would be able to change my vote in the future. You never know what might happen. I am happy to know that the votes can be changed now.

Good job Rich