Midwest Reptile Show inquiry


New member
I am planning on going to the Columbus, OH show on the 15th, but I see that the Midwest show is on the 16th.....so I am wanting to know.....
Is the Midwest show worth the 2 hour drive as opposed to the 1 hour drive to the Columbus show?? And are "outsider" snakes (non vendor) allowed into the show for trade/sell??
I have never been to the Midwest show, so I appreciate any input.
Thanx in advance.
Midwest show is good. Columbus has changed since way back in the day. But Indy has stayed the same. I say they are both about the same. Columbus being a little harder to get around sometimes when it is really packed. But what kinda sucks about this month is that Saturday is Columbus, then Sunday is the Midwest Show and the Cleveland show. So vendors like myself in this area have to choose where to go on sunday. But hey since that columbus and indy don't fall on the same day you can go to both lol.