Good Guy Michael Rajkumar, A+, highly recommended

A recent transaction with Michael went very well. Quick and detailed communication. A wealth of info and knowledge. Healthy, energetic hatchlings. A pleasure to do business with.

Thanks again Michael!
Red foot and NA woods

Great service and awesome specimens. Great communication, support and he clearly cares about the animals.
Was quick to respond to my inquiry. Quick to send pictures. My baby arrived this morning. S/he is active and curious...and eating. Smooth and easy transaction. I wish i could post a picture!
Ordered a red foot tortoise from michael, o/n delayed due to weather
Michael kept track of the baby red foot,
Offered to refund my o/n fee(I declined)
Little guy showed up with a 40 hour heat pak
Still cookin. Bright eyed and ready to go.
I thought a lot of the continued customer service,
Genuine concern for the animal.
I intend to do much more business with
Michael. A genuinely quality person. Mike
Great service and turtle

Michael was very attentive to emails and questions. Turtle was well packaged and shipped cross country overnight arriving in great condition and just as described.
I got 2 Herman tortoise hatch lings from Michael. They were well packaged and arrived well. They are so cute. The first 2 days they just nibbled a little. But have since been pinging out on a daily bases. Would buy from again.
Richard 3 marginated tortoises from Michael. Knowing Micheal I wasn’t even interested in seeing pictures. He told me about them and I was sold because I know I’m getting exactly what he says. I have done business with Michael in the past and he has always gone above and beyond to answer questions and provide quality information on their background and his husbandry practices. I consider Mike to be one the best sellers on this site. I plan on buying from him in the future.
Have known Michael for best part of 20 years.. when we both had few of anything!

Today received 5 little Kwangtung River turtles from Michael.. they were basking on their own an hour "out-of-the-box"!

Whenever he has something you want.. just send your money and wait to be pleased.. because you will be!!!
Since I did not see it anywhere else (I may have missed it), here is Michael's Fauna account info so he gets additional credit for doing a good job: shelledfriends
great expeirence

I just got a spotted turtle from Michael and it was a great experience. He not only checked that I had my proper permits but he did a great job making sure to give me the paper work I need for my DNR. He communicated well and all went well. Thanks.
I have done more than one transaction with Michael. Both transactions went 100% smooth and problem free. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in his animals. He takes great pride in taking care of his customers and his animals. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look forward to working with him in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Receiving two hatchling Reeves turtles from Michael was an absolute delight. The communication throughout the transaction was impeccable, and the turtles themselves are simply fantastic—active, healthy, and full of life. I'm so pleased with my purchase that I find myself wishing I had ordered more. Thanks to Michael's professionalism and the quality of his turtles, this has been a truly enjoyable experience that I would gladly repeat anytime.