Lethargic Young Dragon


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May 10, 2020
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Wheaton, IL

We are new Rankins Dragon owners, and I’m hoping for some advice on the lethargic behaviors our dragon is displaying.

Here are the background details:
-We purchased ‘Camo’ in May from a speciality reptile pet store. Camo is currently about 8-9 months old, and we believe she is female.
-When we first brought Camo home, she was moderately energetic. She’s run around the floor when we took her out and move freely about her cage. However, for the past ~6 weeks or so, she doesn’t move a lot. If we take her out, she just stays in one place. She will make he was around her cage, but not running around. Seems to sleep more often too.
-Her diet is primarily Dubai roaches and small crickets. She will each roughly ten insects each day. She won’t really chase them down, rather just waits for them to cross in front of her and grab them. We cannot get her to eat vegetables or fruits. We’ve been trying for the past two months, and basically have to sneak a small piece of arugula, bell pepper, or cilantro in her mouth when she is munching on a roach. Zero interest in eating vegetables herself.
-I think we setup a nice habitat for her. 40 gallon gallon tank, 100w basking bulb directly over her raised bridge, ZooMed 24 in UV (10.0), one side reads over 100 degrees, the other side around 90. Multiple places to hide and get shade. Picture is attached.

We would be really grateful for any advice on how to get her out of this lethargic slump! Thank you!
I don't keep bearded dragons, so can't make any specific comments. That said:

The pic didn't attach. I'm sure it will be useful, so please try again.

Do you dust/supplement the insects, and what with?

Have you had a vet run a fecal? If not, it cannot hurt.
Thanks for letting me know - I tried to attach again.

Yes, we are dusting with reptile calcium 3-4 times a weeks. I haven’t been to the vet yet...but that’s the next step.


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Maybe I'm blind, but I don't see a dragon in there. A pic of the animal might help someone make suggestions.

Anyway, a qualified exotics vet could say more, for sure. If you don't already have one, searching here is a good start:


Looks like there are many near you -- you are luckier than most people in that regard. :)