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Feb 3, 2002
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I've been hearing this far too often lately, and from many quarters. That people are afraid to post on the BOI because they get attacked viciously for their statements made there. That they wind up virtually fighting for their own reputation because of attacks made on their own character because of their statements made either for or against someone on the BOI.

Personally, I think this is a serious issue that I need to address. If people are afraid to post on the BOI, then what will be the eventual result of non participation because of the grinder people are put through there?

Yeah, I do understand that some people WILL make false claims, or mistakes in judgment that their own postings will reveal, but seriously, are the attacks really necessary? Are the personal attacks going to defeat what most people are hoping to get out of the BOI? If few participate because of the danger and stress to themselves, then how much information will not be forthcoming that really needs to be?

Most of you know that I have been gradually turning up the heat to try to make the BOI and this site in general, a better place for all to participate within. I think the heat needs to be cranked up a notch or two in regard to the problems that this post here is attempting to address. That the behavior that will be counterproductive of the purpose of the BOI needs to be weeded out, either by the people who engage in such attacks toning it down, or by the elevated levels of the infractions levied for such behavior moving them on out of the picture if they refuse to willingly comply.

I believe that the truth CAN be uncovered without rancor and derogatory and belittling attacks. I believe that people will get professional dialog if they themselves engage in a professional manner. I BELIEVE that this is how I want this site to BE.

Forthwith I am asking the moderators to start cracking down harder on incidents whereby unnecessary force is being used to examine or cross-examine anyone and their statements made. It will still be completely acceptable to question anyone's statements and motives, but to do so in a belittling or inflammatory manner is going to have elevated risks associated with it.

I will copy this message over onto the BOI to make certain that everyone involved their has the opportunity to see my opinion about what needs to change there.

If anyone wants to discuss this topic further, please go to THIS thread over in the Feedback Forum ->
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