For Sale Itinerary #22, January 11th!! Save $25 w/Pickups from Hamburg & Pittsburgh, 1/8-9!!


Aug 9, 2010
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Central City, PA, USA
Itinerary #22, January 11th!! Save $25 w/Pickups from Hamburg & Pittsburgh, 1/8-9!!

New year, new title. :) Like it? I am open to other ideas.

**Correct: I vend all Hamburg & Pittsburgh Reptile Expo events, and Pickups from either save $25 on transport!!** EXCEPTION: Pickups for West Coast Deliveries, as I already lose money charging the $225 that I do to go out there; I would need 5+ Stops out there to start discounting down to $200.

**FYI, I am at least starting this itinerary solo which means taking longer between some Stops, as I will need ~6 hours of sleep per day. Anyone who would like to see the countryside, meet new people and possibly see collections (when cordially invited to do so), for not much pay but all food, snacks n' drinks covered, hit me up!**

**Here is a price matrix for multiple Shipments going to one (1) Customer (Recipient), in simplest form:

One (1) Pickup = $125
Two (2) Pickups = $225
Three (3) Pickups = $300
A fourth or more Pickups will be $75/ea. on top of the $300.

NOTA BENE: This is when ALL Stops, id est all Pickups + Delivery, are within Standard Territory, id est: All of PA down the east coast to Tampa, across the Gulf down to San Antonio, over to Abilene and straight up through the eastern halves/portions of OK/KS/NE, lower portion of MN, lower halves of WI and MI, all of MO/IA/IL/IN/OH, and everything within.

Id est, exempli gratia; if just one (1) Stop, whether Pickup or Delivery, is in El Paso, this will incur a $50 surcharge; if in Odessa, a $25 surcharge. These examples are part of Extended Territory. Exceptionally large Shipments still incur their own surcharge (possibly on top of an Extended Territory surcharge), whether a single large animal (exempli gratia, an adult D. polylepis, O. hannah or Lachesis sp.), a large pair of animals (e.g., full-grown B. rhinoceros), or a gazillion animals.


Greetings Everyone,

For those who were a part of any of the first 21 itineraries, or who at least followed the corresponding ads:

November 3:
November 17:
November 30:
December 15:
December 29:
January 11:
January 28:
February 8:
March 2:
March 23:
April 13:
May 4:
May 19:
June 15:
July 13:
August 10:
August 24:
September 15:
October 19:
November 15:
December 6:

...I am hitting the road for my 22nd run on January 11. For those who are unaware of what all of this pertains to, please read my original ‘(VENOMOUS) ANIMAL DELIVERY SERVICE’ ad posted on 4 September 2020:, and read all of the positive feedback on the first of the aforementioned links (11/3). Nota Bene: This original ad needs some serious revamping, ha, but You will get the gist of it.

I will detail how the process works which is quite simple honestly, via a pre-typed description that I copy/paste to everyone, and/or over a phone call. In the meantime, please check out the previous, ‘Texas-Bound’ ads for an idea of how these itineraries work, the smooth flow n’ logical order of Pickups and Deliveries that is, and infer what You can.

As of January 22, I have 35 Shipments/44 Stops lined up so far. See photos 2-4, and a Reply with two (2) photos, for Google Maps screenshots of the current itinerary, and the corresponding list here (id est, 'currently' because more Stops [Shipments] will likely be added which, logically, will alter the itinerary, but which all affected Sellers and Customers will be apprised of renewed ETAs ASAP):

Saturday, 1/8 (not depicted)
Hamburg Reptile Expo: Pickup x 2
Aston: Pickup
Monday, 1/10 (not depicted)
Home: Drop-Off (Pickup) x 2

Tuesday, 1/11
Lapeer: Pickup x 5
Wednesday, 1/12
***Lost an entire day due to excruciating hamstring injury + sickness***
Thursday, 1/13
Jackhorn: Pickup x 2
Taylorsville: Pickup
Friday, 1/14
Little River: Pickup x 2
Little River: Pickup x 2 (different Seller than above)
Moncks Corner: Pickup
Ridgeland: Delivery (from Little River Pickup)
Jacksonville: Delivery (nonvenomous; from Lapeer Pickup)
Spring Hill: Pickup x 2 (nonvenomous)
Saturday, 1/15
Lakewood Ranch: Delivery (nonvenomous; from 1/10 Drop-Off)
Rossville: Delivery (from Aston Pickup)
Sunday, 1/16
Seneca: Delivery x 2 (from Hamburg Expo & Spring Hill Pickups)
Denton: Delivery x 3 (from Little River, Moncks Corner & Spring Hill Pickups)
Monday, 1/17
Greenwood: Delivery (from Jackhorn Pickup)
Tuesday, 1/18
Union: Delivery x 2 (from 1/10 Drop-Off & Taylorsville Pickup)
Ferrelview: Delivery (from Lapeer Pickup)
Salesville: Pickup
Wednesday, 1/19
Ponchatoula: Pickup
Orange: Delivery (from Little River Pickup)
Thursday, 1/20
Laredo: Pickup
Cleburne: Delivery (from Lapeer Pickup)
Arlington: Delivery (from Little River Pickup)
Sherman: Pickup
Friday, 1/21
Odessa: Delivery (from Hamburg Expo Pickup)
Tucson: Delivery (from Sherman Pickup)
Saturday, 1/22
Blythe: Delivery x 2 (from Lapeer Pickups, separate Customers)
Sunday, 1/23
Cambridge: Delivery (from Jackhorn Pickup)
Monday, 1/24
Grygla: Pickup + Delivery (from Salesville Pickup)
Tuesday, 1/25
Salesville: Delivery (from Grygla Pickup)
Wednesday, 1/26
Lapeer: Pickup
Jackhorn: Delivery (from Ponchatoula Pickup)
Thursday, 1/27
Clayton: Pickup x 6
Glen Allen: Pickup x 2
Virginia Beach: Delivery (from Glen Allen Pickup)
Bishopville: Delivery (nonvenomous; from Clayton Pickup)
Woodlyn: Delivery (from Clayton Pickup)
Aston: Pickup
Friday, 1/28
Brooklyn: Delivery (nonvenomous; from Clayton Pickup)
Sound Beach: Delivery (nonvenomous; from Clayton Pickup)
Stamford: Delivery (nonvenomous; from Clayton Pickup)
Agawam: ***Picked up my daughter & her mother from visiting family***
Matamoras: Delivery (from [second] Lapeer Pickup)
Saturday, 1/29
Lykens: Delivery (from Clayton Pickup)
Enola: Delivery x 2 (from Glen Allen & Aston Pickups)
Home: ***Dropped off my daughter & her mother; slept***
Pittsburgh: Delivery (from Laredo Pickup)

Nota Bene: Deliveries from us will not show a Pickup, nor will Pickups for us show a Delivery. This is to explain any discrepancy in the number of Pickups to the number of Deliveries and, ultimately, to the number of Shipments I claim. The intention is to depict everywhere we are stopping and traveling through in case You have something to add. Also, added Shipments do not necessarily mean added Stops if both Pickup and Delivery are locations we are already hitting up. Id est, added Shipments will not necessarily add time (save playing Tetris to fit everything as well as more animals to inspect in our daily inspections).

Please share these ads like wildfire! The more Shipments the merrier! And as far as payment options and quotes, please inquire.

I thank You in advance for Your (continuing) patronage!! I offer many benefits to my service, including but not limited to: Daily inspections with videos of each animal sent as proof (Customers love this!); conditional live arrival guarantee (ask for terms or details); no special crating nor IATA labels; hand-delivery to Your home, work or public place of Your choice; flexibility and versatility including able to change course last minute (e.g. from home to work); direct communication (and timely responses) with the carrier of Your precious gems.

Give Obscure Gems Reptiles’ Animal Transport Service a shot, You will not be disappointed!!


Timothy Gould
Obscure Gems Reptiles
[email protected]
Cell: (413) 427-4832


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Screenshots #4 & 5

Screenshots #4 & 5. Thirty-five (35) Shipments/44 Stops so far, keep'em comin'!!


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Severely updated last night. Sorry, I am three (3) days behind due to:

1. An injured hamstring (requiring more stops to stretch n' keep going).
2. Being sick on the 12th (along with my hamstring, it cost me a whole day, i.e. 24 hours).
3. Delta-Atlanta losing me ~3 hours on the 15th (tried to send two [2] Shipments to CA).
4. Weather on Sat/Sun the 15th/16th, from Atlanta through NC/VA, costing me 5+ hours.
5. A flat tire on 1/17, replaced on 1/18, costing me ~2 and ~4 hours, respectively.
6. Waiting 2-3 hours each for a couple of clients.
7. Staying in a motel all but three (3) nights so far, for my hamstring, which I have allowed ~8 hours instead of my standard ~6 hours in the car, to make the insane amount of money I've spent on this trip (including the tire/rim!) a little more worthwhile.

...but I am making do and trekking along!! :) Currently en route from northern Minnesota to northern Arkansas, should any Y'All need/want anything.