Insurance Companies---Theives w/o a gun!


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Feb 6, 2002
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I gotta say it, THEY SUCK!!! I've had insurance for my SMALL construction company for several years. Ten years to be exact. Never once have I had to use it untill this past year. Back in the end of November I was ripped off for about $1500.00 or so on a job-site. Then again in December, I was stolen from again. That time, someone broke into my work truck and stole every power tool and nail gun I owned! Now both times there were several other thefts around our area. This was noted by both officers who responded to my thefts. Here's the pisser....
After turning in first claim, which with my deductible ($250) and the depreciation, They got me down to $610.00! The second claim was for roughly $3000.00, of which I don't know what they're going to pay yet.
Now my point of this post..... I was kindly sent a letter from my insurance company of ten years telling me they will not renew my policy when it is time for it!!! They said since I have had two losses in one calendar year of which they superceeded my premium, they will not renew mt policy!!! What the hell do we pay incurance companies for??? If this isn't intimidation, I don't know what is! We have insurance so when there is a problem they help us right? Wrong, they just dig in the knife a little deeper!!! Bottom line----Insurance companies--Theives without a gun!!!

Sorry, Had to rant!!!