How to figure a fair price?


Resident Demon
Resident Demon
Mar 2, 2004
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I am going to sell off all of my 9 Vision reptile cages and I'm at a loss as to what to ask for them. They are older, and several are drilled so that I could attach accessories because they were used to house lories. I don't think it is OK to ask the going price for used cages if they have been altered in this manner.

I want to arrive at a fair price so that whoever gets them will be happy, yet of course I want to get a fair amount. Any ideas?
Well I've always been of the opinion that market determines value. Start high and work your way down. When someone sees a price they're willing to pay then they'll grab it. One time I had a couple adult male boas that I no longer needeed. I started with a slightly high price and dropped it $5.00 every couple days. Eventually someone saw a price they were willing to pay and grabbed them up.
Great idea thanks. My kid is helping me move them into the garage now!
They were shipped to me, the seller just smacked a label on the cages. They are actually very lightweight for their size although sturdy. The shipping of the glass separately was more involved though and 2 panes had damage.
Of course, since petroleum prices are up I'm pretty aure that delivery costs have risen also.
lol XD Vision charges like $100 to ship according to my friend ><
Scott, if i can get my kid to slow down for more than a second (after helping me all day, he is out with friends, what an awesome kid if I do say so myself)maybe he can take some pix.

I think I'll have him do that and then do an ad and I will be more than happy to talk there, this original post was to get some advice on pricing since I was just completely uncertain where to start; (I love to shop but I don't sell stuff very often).
lol well let me know when you put it up, depending on price and shipping I may be interested. Do you have any V400s? Thats the size I really need