Hawk at the bedroom window


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Feb 3, 2002
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Crawfordville, FL
Spotted this guy yesterday outside the bedroom window, near the bird feeders. Hope he is looking for squirrels instead of the cardinals and other birds that feed there.

Sorry about the shaky video. I do have image stabilization on, but the combination of the long lens and my shaky hands, and not being able to get into a position to brace the camera isn't producing results as nice as I would like. But I felt lucky to even get the shot, as I am certain the hawk was watching me as I got as close to the window as I dared to.

Video taken with the Sony RX10 Mark IV in 4K.

Took a couple of photos besides the video.


Looks like a young of the year broad winged hawk, much more likely to go after rodents, and other small terrestrial vertebrates than birds.

Beats me. I have no idea what sort of hawk it is. I looked at pics online, and the red shouldered hawk looks real close, but I really don't know. I guess I could always "Audubon" it with bird shot in the 12 gauge if I really REALLY needed to look at it closer. JUST KIDDING!! :hehe:

If it shows up again look for black and white bands on the tail. That is a key for telling it from a red shouldered. In the first "exttra" photos you can sort of see some of the potential banding that might be on the tail. Young of the year broad wings are known to overwinter in Florida so its not an uncommon species for there. Red shoulders are often mistaken for broad wings and vice versa so I could be in error.

So pretty, right? Wife and I are dorks. We count hawks as we're driving in the fall/winter, especially as we're driving to KC or STL. We'll hit over a 100 most trips. But we get lost in our counting ("is that 45 or 46? wait, which one are we looking for?").

Dorks: we got a clicker counter thing last week to make sure we stay on count. bahahaha
We actually derive quite a bit of enjoyment from the wildlife we can see just from our bedroom windows. In hindsight I wish we had put in large bay windows when we had the house built.

It helps that we are clearing out the bush close to the house so we can see further into the woods. Of course, the squirrels don't like it very much... :hehe: