Federal Goverment (Lacey Act)

David R.

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Jan 18, 2003
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Attn: Webslave

Under the Legislative talk section someone started a thread about the Lacey Act which I responded to which I really doubt helped the party that started the thread. But, in any case the Lacey Act IS or SHOULD be very important to all of the parties on this board that ship. I am asking that you please consider moving this Lacey Act thread to the main "BOI" at least for a few days so that it may receive a little more attention and possibly help the party that started the thread.

Thank you as always.

David Rivers
Sorry, but no, I'm not inclined to do that. I set up the legislative category a while back for people who wanted a place for such topics to be discussed. So that is where such topics SHOULD be discussed.

If I wanted to put everything into the BOI, then I might as well just have one single forum on this site that everything would be posted to.

People here just need to look around a bit and participate in some of the other forums. It won't kill them to do that.

Thanks for your prompt response! I certainly understand and agree with your position on my request. I just thought it was important enough of a topic that every one should have a chance to view it. But, in any case thank you again.

Thank you.

David Rivers