Enclosure heat panels

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Mar 11, 2023
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Delmont pa
Getting ready to build a bigger cage for my burm. Plywood 1/2thick 4x4'wide. Now heres the question is i was going to heat with 80watt radiated heat panel. What height should i make the enclosure is the a happy medium? Whats to high and low? What do you keep yours at?
A height of 18 inches seems to work well. I have a 24 inch tall enclosure and the RHP doesn't make much of a hot spot, though it does help bump up the ambient temp.
Used to run all flex watt under wooden enclosures that would have to be its own trend. Was thinking 18" with a heat controller. Will it make a warmer spot at that temp. Or will i need more heating. I figured im stacking so one above gets a little from down below but these will be bottom emclosures.
Does an enclosure that big heat well with the 120 or will i need the heat tape also. Trying to get away from heat tape if possible.see some bad experiences used it all the time.was running 300ft once. Seen burnout once now kind of shy.
Heat tape isn't dangerous UNLESS it's permitted to run unregulated by a thermostat. Make sure that the brand of thermostat you use fails safe (off) instead of the cheaper ones that fail full-on.